Thursday, November 08, 2007

Raptors 96, Magic 105

I treated my cousins from the Philippines to a night at the ACC. It was their first time watching NBA basketball. They told me afterwards that it was exciting and that they had a great time.


It's just too bad that the Raptors lost. Again.

Slow starts have been plaguing the team through their 3 game losing streak. Last night, the Raps fell 13-2 early, allowed Orlando to score 31 in the first quarter, and had to climb uphill from that point onwards. Why does this keep happening?

A lot of the key pieces from last year's team have reduced roles this year. Rasho and Garbo are both playing off the bench, with less minutes per game to boot. Could this be the reason? Or maybe the addition of Jason Kapono means AP is totally out of his comfort zone? Parker did not attempt a 3, and was 1-6 outside of 18ParkervilleCourt.

Or could it be that Juan Dixon is this year's Mo Peterson: No conscience when he shoots, and he can't shoot. What a horrible combination. What the fuck is this guy doing on the floor in the 4th quarter?

Whatever the problem is, the Raps need to fix it. They need to reestablish roles. They need to smarten up on defense. They need to draw more fouls. And they need to NOT shoot 38% from the field.
  • Thank god I didn't see Jamario Moon on the floor last night.
  • Jason Kapono and Anthony Parker take many an ill-advised shot.
  • Hedo Turkoglu owned anybody that was guarding him.
  • Keith Bogans? Who is this guy? He's the guy that sticks open threes.
  • Rashard Lewis ain't worth what the Magic paid for, but he is worth a lot. We had a fourth quarter lead for all of 15 seconds. A Lewis three-ball on the other end deflated the Raptor's run. Done.
  • If I met Dwight Howard in a dark alley, I would turn and run, hoping and praying that he doesn't catch me and eat me. "Please don't eat me, please don't eat me, please don't eat me."
  • We are a three-point shooting team. I am okay with that. If the Raps are going to take 20 attempts beyond the arc, so be it. Just try to make more than 6 of them, please.
  • Stan Van Gundy walked onto the court to bark out instructions just before a jump ball, and I swear I saw the hardwood floor bend and warp.
  • Stat of the night: Chris Bosh 14-14 from the free throw line (although I could have sworn I saw him miss a free throw in the fourth quarter). You need to give this man more touches!
See y'all on Friday.

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chinwhat said...

TheSwirsk had a wicked comment about Howard last night. They were talking about how big he was and they said he "had bowling balls as shoulders" hahahahaha