Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raptors 93, Bulls 78

The Raptors picked up where they left off against the Cavs, continued to execute, and came away with the victory. I thought they looked polished offensively, and did a great job defensively as well.
  • The Bulls looked horrible offensively, like they didn't have any kind of game plan.
  • They say Jose Calderon can be a starter in this league. They are right. 14 assists, 1 turnover! He also punished the Bulls defense whenever they went under the screen -- You didn't know he could shoot? That ... was a mistake! (ah, Jet Li). To top it off, he played smart defense, and came away with a few steals. Excellent performance!
  • Introducing Jamario Moon! The shot-blocking, three-point burying, rebounding machine!
  • With Juan Dixon running point for 3 minutes in he fourth, the Raps go 0-6. I slapped my forehead so hard that it'll be red for another day or two. We're better off playing 4 players on the floor. Frig!
I needed to bring Ruby the red Civic in for servicing. I called Mississauga Honda and tried to get a Saturday appointment, but since I called on a Wednesday I got promptly owned. The lady on the phone asked me if Monday night was doable, so I asked her, "could you hold on for a sec? I need to check something." While she was on hold, I opened a browser window and checked, just to make sure there wasn't a game! On that note, I'll see y'all on Wednesday against the Grizz.


chinwhat said...

the punk from SMitch on that CBC guy was pretty good too.

Shaun said...

What punk? Explain..

Rubex Cube said...

I hope that Ruby is ok! Is this just regular maintenance? hehe