Saturday, November 03, 2007

Raptors 106, Nets 69

The sting of the game 6, 1 point defeat in the first round of last season's playoffs still hurts. What hurt even more was the embarrassment of blowouts in games 3 and 4. What makes the pain go away? Maybe watching the Raptors win a playoff series? Well, yes, of course. But I need something to hold me over.

Enter November 2, 2007. The Raps visit New Jersey, and in front of 20-30 die-hard Jersey-maniacs, completely dismantle the Nets. Oh, revenge is so petty ... but it felt so satisfying. I still watched all 48 minutes, despite the fact that the Nets never led at any point after the first quarter. My friend Chin had company over too, and to my credit, I did attempt to be social, but when the game was on I wasn't about any of that.
  • The Raps beating up on Vince Carter always brings a smile to my face.
  • Toronto defense was absolutely disgusting. Our perimiter defense, closing out on shooters, staying above the screens, they were all on point. The Nets had their shots bothered or blocked, a lot of them courtesy of Chris Bosh. NJ only shot 36.8% from the floor.
  • Roc-a-wear ads were displayed full-time on either end of the scorer's table. It's the ROC!
  • Jason Kidd's back is bothering him. Mental note: Never pick him for ESPN Fastbreak.
  • Darrell Armstrong did not look good at all. TJ Ford had no respect for his shot, and came under any picks that were set for DA. Oh punk!
  • Speaking of Ford, his one-dribble-plant-and-fade shot was a blistering 4-4 tonight.
  • Andrea Bargnani must have taken basketball Kumon, because he already looks like a polished NBA pro. Against the Nets, he put up 21 points, 6 rebounds, on 7 of 11 shooting. Pump fake, one dribble: money. Three point range: money. Three point range, quickly identifying that Darrell Armstrong can't block your shot: money. I'm loving his game.
  • Play of the night: Stifling Raptor defense ends in a CB4 block. TJ Ford receives the pass and quickly outlets a touchdown reception to Anthony Parker, who completes the layup.
  • Jon's Play of the night: Bosh steals a pass, and sinks a 70 foot buzzer-beating heave.
  • I'm all about Carlos Delfino. And no, Beth, I wasn't talking about his looks.
See y'all on Sunday!

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