Sunday, November 11, 2007

Raptors 101, Bulls 71

Thanks to my nominee for worst organizer of the year (Shaun Sequeira), I had to listen to Raps/Bulls on the radio, and pick up Raptors game in an hour this morning.

On the radio, it sounded like a clear-cut blowout. I was thoroughly impressed, and glad that the Raps have put the offensive puzzle pieces back together. But watching the game this morning, my opinion has changed. We were just lucky that the Bulls sucked way more then we did last night. Ugly! Hopefully the 3 days rest will smarten them up!
  • 10 team free throw attempts? You live by the jumper, you die by the jumper (just ask Kirk Hinrich!)
  • 23 Raptor team turnovers won't get it done against the Pistons and Suns of the league, guaranteed.
  • I do like 36 team assists though. You could see, especially in the blowout third quarter, that the Raps were doing what they did last year to win games: move the basketball. Stop with this one-on-one shit, leave that to Kobe!
  • Andres Nocioni was the only noteworthy Bull. He was inside, he was outside, and when he's in the paint, he just bullies the ball into the basket. I love Argentinian toughness! That's why I'm big on Carlos Delfino (no Beth, not for his looks!)
  • Since when did the Raps have so much confidence in Jamario Moon? Where did this guy come from? One night, he's playing garbage time against the Bucks, then he's playing fourth quarter minutes against the Sixers, and now he's starting? Well, as long as we're winning, I ain't going to question it anymore!
  • I love AP and Kapono playing on separate units.
  • I love Juan Dixon relegated to garbage time.
  • I love Rasho. +35 when he was on the floor last night! His layups were so strong, Chuck and Leo thought they were dunks. Lay it up with authority, big man! That's how we roll in Slovenia!
  • Chicago fans chanting "Kobe" at the end of the game was fairly ghetto. This was the same team that took you to the playoffs last year. And they were predicted to take the East this year by many an NBA analyst. You wanna mess that up because of a 1-5 start? Lame!
No more games till Wednesday?! Need ... basketball ... fix ...

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