Sunday, November 18, 2007

Raptors 100, Warriors 106


The Raptors are consistently inconsistent. Today, they added fourth quarter collapses to their repertoire. They kept shooting, and they kept missing. Instead of changing the gameplan, they just kept shooting.

Golden State is nice with it, but we should have had this game. Ugh.
  • 4-22 from the 3-point line? Are you fucking kidding me?
  • My favourite stat to track: Raps had 18 team assists. They are now 0-4 when they have less than 20 assists.
  • The Warriors switched to a 3-2 zone every once in a while. The Raptors are a jump-shooting team, which should mean that we should be great at busting zones. Apparently, one plus one does not equal two at the ACC.
  • Jamario Moon is a shot-blocking machine. He also had a sick dunk in the 2nd quarter.
  • If Chris Bosh is going to be 4-12 from the field every game, AND only get to the line 6 times, he's pretty much good for nothing. Smarten up!
  • Andrea Bargnani seemed to find his shot, which has been missing ever since he was pulled from the starting lineup. That's good! But he's still lost on defense. That's bad.
  • Stephen Jackson!
  • I don't care that Juan Dixon was 3-5 from the floor. He's garbage! Keep him off the floor!
  • Why isn't Garbo getting any minutes? Why!?!
  • TJ Ford had a nice game. This guy is a competitor.
Dear Raps ... please stop losing ... Please!


chinwhat said...

who is his Jamario Moon?

answer: the new Matt Bonner. look at the fans, they love him!

Shaun said...

Maybe if you start playing better in Fastbreak.. the tides will change?

Sincerely Shaun
#1 Motorsports fan