Thursday, November 01, 2007

Raps 106, Sixers 97

I'm going to try to write something after every Raptors game (at least the ones that I watch, which should be all 82).
  • I like the Raptors' new ACC video intro. It makes me think of how hot Cassie looks.
  • MLSE ponied up some cash to pay for a CG scorekeeper. Let's hope they ponied up some cash for a better director ... "Dude, I don't care about the ref's non-call, the fucking game's back on!"
  • The Raps blowing a 20 point lead to the lowly Sixers was quite disconcerting.
  • Andrea Bargnani looked really good. That 4 point play in the fourth quarter was sick!
  • Chris Bosh also had a sick play, finishing after he got fouled along the baseline.
  • We want Norma Wick back! ... I want Norma Wick back! ... I don't know what I want :(
  • Samuel Dalembert stoned Chris Bosh and Anthony Parker. What a beast! Beth didn't like Leo Rautins name-dropping so much, but if I knew Dalembert, I'd be name-dropping all the time! "So yo, I was at a restaurant last night with Samuel Dalembert, and he didn't like the food, so when the waiter tried to serve him, he stuffed it back in his face!"


Rubex Cube said...

Let's go Raptors....hey can we have a Team ID Raptors night....I wanna see them and jump on the bandwagon as well.....can you make it for December....great thanks Al your the best :)

Lil Lex said...