Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Wish LIst 2K7

A yearly tradition here on my blog is to compile a list of cool shit that I like (as I did in 2005), or that I would be interested in acquiring (a la 2006).

Who am I to fuck with tradition? Oh yeah, the disclaimer: I do not want any gifts for my birthday! I have a job, and I can buy my own stuff. If my wife says it's okay. I just want to share stuff that I might like to receive. From myself ... With permission ... Unless someone was generous enough to give it to me ... On to the list!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
    I love Legend of Zelda games, and I love my Nintendo DS. This is a match made in Nintenheaven.
  • Guitar Hero 3
    I know, I know, I should be all about Rock Band. But it ain't out for the Wii. And whenever I get my Wii back (damn you Dooch!), I wanna be able to rock out like everyone else.
  • Metroid Prime: Corruption
    See above.
  • Super Mario Galaxy
    See above.
  • Macbook Pro
    I love my laptop. I love Mac OSX Leopard. Can you say that same about your laptop and Windows Vista? I didn't think so:

  • Sharp Aquos 52" LCD TV
    Sometimes I go to Best Buy, just to stand and stare at the wall of Plasma and LCD TVs. When we buy our TV, we're going to mount it to one of these swivel wall mounts. Oh snap! It comes off the wall!
  • Roc-a-wear Jeans
    It's the ROC!

  • Raptors T-shirts with the Raptors claw on it
    I have two now!

  • Dexter: Season 1
    Jon knows his TV and Film. When he told me to watch Dexter, I did what he said, because I trust his judgment. Oh yeah, and cuz he's old enough to be my father, and I always do what my Dad tells me to do. The show is hilarious!
  • Californication
    I don't have any wittyisms which may persuade you to watch this show. It has David Duchovny, of X-Files fame, and half-naked, hot women. That should be enough.
  • Toronto Raptors Tickets
    Even Ruby has Raptors tix! I wanna go to the ACC!
  • Bluetooth handsfree cell phone car kit
    The power of the interweb: I envisioned a device, that would plug into my car adapter, connected to my cell phone via bluetooth, and also plugged into my auxiliary input (which would allow me to use my stereo speakers when taking phone calls). I researched, and found this. The interweb has it all!
  • Honda Odyssey
    I only put this here to annoy my wife. Shit is big pimpin'! It's so spacious, it can seat 8! That's you, me, and sextuplets ... John and Kate plus 8 ain't got shit on us!

  • A Tattoo of my wife
    Ever since we started watching LA Ink, I've wanted to get a tattoo. It's going to be a portrait of my wife! I love her with all of my heart.
  • iPod Touch / iPhone
    So unnecessary, but so very very cool. I was playing with my brother's, and instead of playing music and watching movies, I was thumb-flicking through menus.
  • French Fries
    The ban ends soon!
Happy birthday to me!


Rubex Cube said...
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Rubex Cube said...

Love the list by the way the one of the tattoo almost made me spill what I was drinking...haha you joker you!

haha yeah I do have tickets sucker...muhahah

chinwhat said...

if you two get that tattoo and get divorced, you both witnessed maximum self etherage!

WAR Wino Forever!

Shaun said...

All I can say is Jon for FATHER OF THE YEAR!

Also, I'm installing your swivel mount for your LCD tv.. watch me!