Tuesday, October 09, 2007

East Coast 2K7 vol. 1

Team ID's annual Thanksgiving trip has been going strong for 5 years. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago. This year, we thought we would try to be more ambitious. So we "plotted a course" (as Shaun might say, being the Star Trek fanboy that he is) to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Now, Google Maps told us that the 1700-1800km trip would take around 17 hours. Since there are 24 hours in a day, and since everyone is a licensed driver, we figured we could make the trip there in one day. We also figured that if we took a more direct route, crossing the border and going through the US, we would save 1 or 2 hours.

The trip there was absolutely brutal. 21-22 hours brutal. We started at 5AM. I took the first leg, and drove on approximately 1.5 hours sleep. It took 4 separate drivers to get the job done. Around 8pm, we were disappointed. Around 10, we were annoyed. At 4am (Atlantic time, we lost a friggin hour!) we were so tired we just wanted to sleep. As a tip for anyone else hoping to make the trip, I suggest two things: First, don't go through the States. Second, don't forget to take into account traffic, stopping for gas + food, and speed limits dropping to 25 mph. Fuck!

We stopped in St. John, NB, to eat, and found a place called King of Donair. What's a Donair? As far as I can tell, it's a Gyro with a fancy name. They put in on a pizza, and it tastes delicious!

To pass the time, we listened to the stand-up comedy of Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, some crappy guy whose name I don't remember, and Bill Cosby. Shaun destroyed Chin in Tetris. We tried to figure out how to play Bomberman. Anth took a dump. All in all, it was a trip filled with punkage.

The best decision we made: renting a GPS unit from Avis for our trip. GPS is like Gandalf the grey. TeamID could not get lost even if we tried, thanks to the GPS, but more so because Jon wasn't around riding shotgun and fucking shit up. Speaking of people that didn't make the trip, y'all got punked hardcore! That's what you get!

Our hotel, the Courtyard Marriott, was right by the water, and walking distance to everything in downtown Halifax. Well, that's not so impressive when you figure that downtown Halifax is only 7 blocks wide. The room was swanky, and felt very new.

Next: Our day of sightseeing

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