Sunday, September 30, 2007

Laptop hard drive upgrade

For the last few months, I've been down to my last 10GB on my ghetto 80GB hard drive. I bought a 500GB drive, placed it in an enclosure, and archived everything that I didn't need day-to-day. Still, the drive space filled up with more stuff (music, pictures, video, etc.). It felt like the days of the 286, when I ran MS-DOS doublespace to increase my 20MB HD to 40 megs. Oh snap!

I really needed a bigger internal HD. So I started by going to Best Buy and asking this 18 year old lackey how much it would cost to have someone create a disk image and install a new drive. He quoted me something crazy, like $300. What the fuck? You can tell your whole geek squad to take their pocket protectors, turn them sumbitches sideways, and shove them up their candy asses! (ahh, The Rock)

So I held off until I found this artcle on This gave me all the confidence I needed to crack open my laptop and swap out the hard drive myself. I purchased a 250GB Western Digital HD and a snazzy cool NexStar 2.5" enclosure

After making the disk image using a backup application called Synk, I was ready to start. I had to remove over a dozen screws before I could pop the keyboard:

"See all that stuff inside, Homer? That's why your robot never worked!" It was kinda scary, cuz when I popped the keyboard, it made a sound like I broke something. But everything was still instact (wipes sweat off forehead).

The hard drive was at the bottom left corner:

So I pulled out the paltry 80 gigger (left), and stuck in my new 250 GB monster (right):

I hooked the keyboard back to the motherboard, and decided I should try to boot up before I screwed all these friggin tiny screws back in. Press the power button ... and ... nothing. Oh shit. What the fuck did I just do? It turns out that I jostled the connection loose. Whew. Okay, time to close this patient up. Another successful surgery!

250 Gigs, bitches! Well, 232 formatted, but still ... I got triple the space! It makes my machine run faster, cuz the OS has more virtual memory. Now I can fill it up with even more junk. Let's head to our favourite bit torrent site and download away!

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