Saturday, September 22, 2007

Custom License Plates

CathyAl were supposed to get a custom license plate for Ruby the red Civic. But it's kinda expensive, and nobody looks forward to standing in that long ass Ministry of Transportation lineup at Square One. Sigh.

Maybe it's for the best. Most of the custom license plates I've seen have been one of two things. Either they are cryptic in nature, something that you attempt to decipher like you're a contestant on Bumper Stumpers, sometimes risking your life as you become completely oblivious to trivial things like, say, the car in front of you ... OR ... They are lame.

Take, for instance, the GNULINUX plate that I found on Google Images. Or the GOAN license plate that I used to see during my Go Train days. Or WARHMMR, a custom plate that I saw on the QEW one day, which doubled as affirmation that the 40-year old virgin could very well be based on a true story.

I have seen some cool custom plates, however. No Shaun, I'm not talking about RSXXXY. On more than one occasion, I've seen 22TWOS, a really cool reference to a Jay-Z song by the same name from his first album. Or a warning that the driver has 20 .22 calibre pistols in his car.

What kind of cool custom license plates have you seen?


Rubex Cube said...

"Ruby Red"

haha kidding I saw this old Benz that this old white dude was driving and his plate read "tea cup" it was cute and suited him cause he looked like a mid afternoon tea drinker from London.....meh

Sarah Throlson said...

Speaking of Jay-Z, 99PRBLM would be a pretty cool one to have :). Shame you couldn't have one more character to get an S on the end, though.

Sarah, NCA Online