Sunday, September 30, 2007

Laptop hard drive upgrade

For the last few months, I've been down to my last 10GB on my ghetto 80GB hard drive. I bought a 500GB drive, placed it in an enclosure, and archived everything that I didn't need day-to-day. Still, the drive space filled up with more stuff (music, pictures, video, etc.). It felt like the days of the 286, when I ran MS-DOS doublespace to increase my 20MB HD to 40 megs. Oh snap!

I really needed a bigger internal HD. So I started by going to Best Buy and asking this 18 year old lackey how much it would cost to have someone create a disk image and install a new drive. He quoted me something crazy, like $300. What the fuck? You can tell your whole geek squad to take their pocket protectors, turn them sumbitches sideways, and shove them up their candy asses! (ahh, The Rock)

So I held off until I found this artcle on This gave me all the confidence I needed to crack open my laptop and swap out the hard drive myself. I purchased a 250GB Western Digital HD and a snazzy cool NexStar 2.5" enclosure

After making the disk image using a backup application called Synk, I was ready to start. I had to remove over a dozen screws before I could pop the keyboard:

"See all that stuff inside, Homer? That's why your robot never worked!" It was kinda scary, cuz when I popped the keyboard, it made a sound like I broke something. But everything was still instact (wipes sweat off forehead).

The hard drive was at the bottom left corner:

So I pulled out the paltry 80 gigger (left), and stuck in my new 250 GB monster (right):

I hooked the keyboard back to the motherboard, and decided I should try to boot up before I screwed all these friggin tiny screws back in. Press the power button ... and ... nothing. Oh shit. What the fuck did I just do? It turns out that I jostled the connection loose. Whew. Okay, time to close this patient up. Another successful surgery!

250 Gigs, bitches! Well, 232 formatted, but still ... I got triple the space! It makes my machine run faster, cuz the OS has more virtual memory. Now I can fill it up with even more junk. Let's head to our favourite bit torrent site and download away!

New home update

Yay! the model homes from our builder opened up for one day only to those of us that purchased during phase 1. I brought my camera and took mad pics, cuz we might not get to visit the model again until January.

The beautiful thing is that one of the two models is the Livingston, aka this is how our place is going to look when it's built. We were so excited to actually see how much space we have, instead of trying to envision things through the floorplan.

The good news: The place is fantastic! It has a spacious kitchen, and a huge family room. It's exactly what we were looking for in a layout. So many places have small family rooms, which doesn't make any sense. The computer niche, which joins the kitchen and the laundry room, will be where I put my new Mac when Starcraft II comes out. The master bedroom is about as big as our living room and kitchen combined, back at our downtown condo.

The bad news: The living/dining room wasn't as big as we thought it was in the layout. We're not worried though, we'll probably just make it a really big dining room instead of trying to cram a ton of furniture in there a la Shaun Sequeira. That's about where our disappointment ended, we were in love with everything else!

The ugly news: These fuckers at Arista pimped the shit out of the model home. Hardwood floor throughout, quartz countertop, upgraded cabinets, undermount sinks, upgraded washrooms, upgraded fireplace, upgraded what the fuck! They had potlights everywhere!

I've become more knowledgeable of late as to how much it costs to get a place looking like the model home. And what they've spent on upgrades, we can't afford to spend. But look at the place, it looks so sick! I guess it's off to Home Depot university for me.

Here's a link to my album if you wanted to check it out some more. CathyAl can't wait!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


  • Eyes of Hawk
  • Ears of the Wolf
  • Strength of the Bear
  • Speed of the Puma

Custom License Plates

CathyAl were supposed to get a custom license plate for Ruby the red Civic. But it's kinda expensive, and nobody looks forward to standing in that long ass Ministry of Transportation lineup at Square One. Sigh.

Maybe it's for the best. Most of the custom license plates I've seen have been one of two things. Either they are cryptic in nature, something that you attempt to decipher like you're a contestant on Bumper Stumpers, sometimes risking your life as you become completely oblivious to trivial things like, say, the car in front of you ... OR ... They are lame.

Take, for instance, the GNULINUX plate that I found on Google Images. Or the GOAN license plate that I used to see during my Go Train days. Or WARHMMR, a custom plate that I saw on the QEW one day, which doubled as affirmation that the 40-year old virgin could very well be based on a true story.

I have seen some cool custom plates, however. No Shaun, I'm not talking about RSXXXY. On more than one occasion, I've seen 22TWOS, a really cool reference to a Jay-Z song by the same name from his first album. Or a warning that the driver has 20 .22 calibre pistols in his car.

What kind of cool custom license plates have you seen?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MGS4 -- I'm friggin pumped!

Check this out! It's a trailer from TGS for Metal Gear Solid 4.

It's all in Japanese, I don't understand what the heck they're saying. Where's Chris/Alison/Rosie when you need them! It doesn't matter though, between the totally amazing CG, the pop drinking monkey, Sisqo's guest appearance, and the presence of Metal Gear Rex AND Metal Gear Ray, I understood what Konami was trying to communicate. They were telling me, "Yo, buy this fucking game!"

I read some of the comments at the bottom of the page after watching the video, and I really gotta stop doing that. The comments section of a high traffic blog usually amounts to ignorant people saying ignorant things. Splinter Cell is better than Metal Gear? Are you kidding me!?!?

Anyways, Metal Gear Solid 4. Just tell me where to sign!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I can't wait no more!

If I waited for Shaun to make a Last Supper picture, I'd already be with Jesus. So I took my below-average Photoshop skills and made this. Enjoy.

Monday, September 03, 2007

"North Carolina, come on and raise up..."

"...Take your shirt off, and wave in the air just like a helicopter"
- Petey Pablo

For those that don't recognize the lyrics, don't worry, the song wasn't that good, and Petey was a one-hit wonder. Anyways .... I'm back! My one week off was quite the relaxing retreat, and I feel recharged. Our accommodations came courtesy of Cathy's uncle, who owns a beautiful beachfront condo on Emerald Isle. We were kissing the Atlantic Ocean. Our typical day consisted of eating, sleeping, swimming, and shopping. Done.

Highlights of the trip:
  • Wal-Mart! We must have made 4 trips to the Supercenter in Jacksonville, and I came out buying something every time! What is it about a US Wal-Mart that makes it so damn attractive? I found Arnold Schwarzenneger movies in the $5 bin. Total Recall, The Running Man, and even T2! And I bought Chappelle's show season 2. I'm Rick James Bitch!
  • We stuck Cathy's cousin in a shopping cart, padded the cart with pillows, gave her a bike helmet, and then proceeded to smash stuff all around the store. Displays, other carts, it was great.
  • I took a picture on my phone of a sign just outside one of the shopping malls. "No Weapons Allowed"
  • There was so much propoganda it made me sick. There were highway billboards with American flags and the message, "In God we Trust. United We Stand." It wasn't advertising for the army. It wasn't a presidential slogan. It was just a sign on the highway. I saw American flags for sale at Wal-Mart. I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, "Not a single southern state voted for Kerry." The lady swimming at the pool had a floating bed with an American flag pattern. Two of them.
  • We had no net access, and I had to resort to walking around the condo with my laptop fishing for a wireless connection, so I could check for new notifications on Facebook. Yes, I am pathetic.
  • I saw dolphins
  • My wife's cousin got so drunk, he fell on the toilet and split his face open in two spots. I, also being drunk, slept through all the hoopla and only found out in the morning.
Thanks to my wife's family. It was fun! Let's do it again next year!