Friday, August 03, 2007

My alter ego

I'm a pretty shy, reserved, risk-averse kinda guy. That's how I roll. When I meet new people, I'm usually quiet, and I try not to say anything that'll offend anyone.

My alter ego would be John Legend in his track, "Alright":
Hold up, I know you got a man, but I'm toe up
And I dont even care if he roll up, with something to say
You better tell him he don't want it with me, It's alright
Brash and ballsy. He don't give a fuck! I could just imagine being at a club, and chatting up some hottie (so I could hook her up with one of my friends, of course ... I'm a married man!). Then the hottie's boyfriend walks in and does the slow push off, with his palm right up on my shoulder, trying to angle my body towards him and away from his girl. He's the confrontational type, like me. I'd get that annoyed look on my face, like "WTF?" Size him up and down with my eyes. First to his face, and then his feet, and then back to his face. "This guy ain't got shit on me!" Then I would stare at the girl, and point at his man with my eyes, on some, "You better fix this problem." You know the face I'm talking about? The confused, questioning look ... "Is this guy for real?"

Then she yells at him to leave. He looks at me, and after I take a sip of my drink, I return his stare and shrug my shoulders, with a devilish grin on my face. "What the fuck you want from me?" Then I would shoo him away with my hand like he was my butler. Oh snap!

Stuff like that only happens when I blog. Sigh. In reality, I wouldn't be chatting up the hottie in the first place. I might say something about being excited about a new Star Trek movie, and then she would leave. Sigh. John Legend, son. At least I got Get Lifted, track 4. It's Alright.

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