Thursday, August 09, 2007

Living is overrated 2K7 (c) Chin and/or Jon

For those that don't know, TeamID is going skydiving in a few weeks. There was a pact in place that we would do this before we turned 30, and here we are, just a few months before Jon's 30th. I'm pumped!

Last night, we were out getting Dairy Queen treats (yo, you missed out Shaun), and Chin says that the Friday before we jump should be called, "The Last Supper." Our plan is to stage a shot that looks like Da Vinci's painting. Sacrilege? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely.

First thing everyone thought of: Shaun will be Judas. I told Shaun about the idea this morning, and the first thing he said: "Yo, I can be Judas!" Fucking TeamID, the only thing that surprises me is that there aren't anymore surprises.

But wait, who will be Jesus? Nobody wanted to test getting struck by lightning (we're already in deep water), so Jon said we'll just photoshop him in. More laughing ensued.

I asked Chin and Jon what kind of reactions they got from their parents (about skydiving, not about or mockery of Da Vinci), and both described the same thing as when I told my mom. It was a state of denial, masked by a false confidence that we were "just joking." My mom said, "No! No, Alex ... no jumping! Don't joke to me!" There's no joking around! We're jumping from an airplane!

So let the countdown begin: Living is overrated tour 2K7 coming to a town near you! Last supper picture will be so hype. Can't wait!

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