Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Checking in

I'm at my wife's work right now. She's still working. I finished working at 5, and then played a game of Starcraft, and then drove over here, and she's still working. Sigh.

So I thought I would update y'all on what's new and "exciting" in my life.

I watch the Big Lebowski a few weeks ago for the first time. I was thoroughly entertained by the quirky, offbeat humour. I was also amazed at the All-Star cast: Julliane Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc. Even the guy from Prison Break (or if you don't watch Prison Break, the guy from the Vee-dub "representing Deutschland" commercials) is in the movie, playing a German! Highly recommended.

I am surprised by the Boston Celtic's science experiment. Mortgage your future for a shot at the NBA title. It could work, except they've got a very small window to get it done. I give them 2-3 years tops. And you gotta find the best scrubs the NBDL and random European country has to offer. Chuck Swirsky says that the Raptors are still the team to beat in the Atlantic, and that we could go for 50 wins! Far be it from me, and my extremely biased perspective, to argue with the Swirsk! Let's go Raps!

RW & Co's summer t-shirts are the right price, but they're all tight fitting, which would expose my belly. Roc-a-wear has the type of shirt that I like to wear, but it's kinda expensive (and I'm getting kinda old to be wearing Roc-a-wear). Why can't RW be more like RW?

I watched Dooch's brother jump from an airplane on Facebook. The video got me friggin pumped! We're skydiving in like 2 weeks son! ooohhhhhhhh snap! The video they make for you after the jump is edited with music, and I hope they throw in some Linkin Park. That would not suck. Would. Not. Suck.

Bourne Ultimatum is this Friday. I'll meet you there. My favourite line from the trailer:
Bourne: "Where are you"
Shady old man: "I'm in my office"
Bourne: "I doubt that"
Shady old man: "Why would you say that?"
Bourne: "If you were in your office, we'd be having this conversation face-to-face"


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