Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sorry Kev, you just got pw3nd

So we're playing poker on Saturday night, and at the end I'm heads-up against Kev. I'm feeling pretty good, as I've been knocking players out, and building my chip stack from a big deficit.

Kev and I are going back and forth for a while trading blows, until he successfully traps me and I lose a large portion of my chip stack. Feeling a bit defeated, I try to shake it off and chip away at his large stack.

Somehow, I actually got back up to even. I check my next hand, and it's King-Jack. Usually, this is garbage, but heads up, you don't feel bad going to war with hand. I forget if I raised and he called, or if it was the other way around, but anyways, we both end up going all-in, and he turns over Queen-Jack.

Looks good, right? Wrong. On the flop, there's a queen. The turn and river don't help me. Fuck! Second place again? I always end up second whenever I play poker. Just ask my co-workers: I've finished 2nd in 3 of the tournaments I've run. They call me the poker bridesmaid (never the bride)... I start counting my chips to see if Kev covers me.

But wait! As my wife turns the cards face-down to clean up, she realizes that she's been using the wrong deck to deal out the flop! Bay, next time, just slap Kev in the face, cuz it won't hurt as much!

She uses the correct deck, and I win with my high card King. Yes! I felt so bad, Kev thinking he won and all. But when he asked me for his $10 back, I told him, "I don't feel that bad."

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