Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review: Knocked Up

If you don't want to read my entire review, here's the gist of it: This movie is good. Watch it.

But if you don't read the rest of my review, I'll kill you. Seriously.

Anyways, Knocked Up had me at "from the director of the 40-year old virgin." Same director, and 4 of the same cast members. Wicked! Add Katherine Heigl from Grey's Anatomy for good measure (she doesn't look that good inset, but here's a better shot).

The opening theme was Ol' Dirty Bastards, "Shimmy Shimmy Ya." Done! I don't need to watch no more.

The movie is an excellent mix of pop culture references, relationship awkwardness, low brow sex jokes, low brow toilet jokes ... right up teamID's alley! When they drop the Total Recall reference, Cathy and I went nuts. There were a lot of geeky jokes too, like "Googling murder." I don't want to spoil these jokes, but trust me, they were funny. *** Apple fanboy warning *** The movie also sports a macbook pro and a 24-inch iMac. nice! *** Apple fanboy warning ***

It does get slow at certain points, with extraneous scenes (who needs plot advancement anyways?). But overall, this movie is goodness. Watch it!

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chinwhat said...

she's not that hot... for a white girl