Saturday, June 02, 2007

May 24 Pictures up

The pictures from our May 2-4 barbecue at Ashbridges Bay are online. Click the link on the left to check them out.

The worst May 2-4 in TeamID history was also the most memorable. Due to communication errors, nobody brought condiments, nobody brought matches, and worst of all, nobody brought hamburgers! All we had were hot dogs and whatever soy crap Anth brought.

We did find a nice place to set up camp, however, just by the parking lot, where people tried to get away with parking illegally. One tow, truck, two tow truck, three tow truck, four later, good old fashioned entertainment was had by all.

My brother, coincendentally, was at Ashbridges celebrating Victoria day as well. He just got back from a trip to the Dominican, and he didn't even call. Welcome back, jerk!

Let's hope that our barbecue dies sometime between now and next May. It just looks disgusting! It doesn't look safe anymore. Really, it's like watching Hakeen Olajuwon play with the Toronto Raptors. Let him retire already, please!

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