Sunday, June 17, 2007

Holy crap this sucks

Having a PVR is amazing. I can watch the TV I want, whenever I want to watch it. I'm not tied to a stupid schedule. As a bonus, I can skip commercials!

The only caveat: When it's the summer, and it's Sunday night, there's nothing to tape! So tonight, I had to resort to something I dread doing (and something I mock my closest friends about) ... channel surfing. Holy crap this sucks (notice the clever tie-in to the title of this post).

I started with Vintage Vibe on MuchVibe. I don't know what the hell I was listening to, but it was neither vintage nor vibe. Then I checked out Raptors TV. Cavs-Spurs? I didn't want to watch this the first time around!

I tried Showtime (now in HD!) and the new show The Riches. I've seen posters everywhere touting this as the best new show on TV. After 5 minutes, I tout it the worst 5 minutes of my entire life. I couldn't get past Minnie Driver's attempt at a Texas accent.

My final attempt was Last Comic Standing. You would assume it's a show about stand up comics. But if it is, then why am I so tense and angry?

to quote Bart Simpson, "TV sucks." I wanted to bust out some of my favourite movies, like Aliens, but I already packed it away for our move next week. Holy crap this sucks (yes! Thrice in one post, this is writing genius).


chinwhat said...

goodfellas was on last night!

Lil Lex said...