Monday, May 14, 2007

Vintage Vince Carter

The Raps are out of the playoffs, and the New Jersey Nets continue forward. Vince Carter must have been so happy to stick it in Raptor fans' collective faces.

Is Raptor fan upset? Regret trading VC? Fuck no! Our future looks so bright ... The Nets, as long as Carter stays with them, will cursed with championship infertility.

Take tonight's game against the Cavs: A one possession game for most of the fourth quarter, it sets up a stage where superstars and legends are born. It doubles as the canvas for the choke artists.

Where does Wince fit in? He scored 25 points tonight, and added 9 assists and 9 rebounds. But he did it on 6-23 shooting. He missed free throws in the late stages of the fourth. And, trusted with the ball on the Net's last possession, guarded by Eric Snow (are you kidding me?), he turns it over, then whines like a bitch.

He gave the New Jersey "fans" a pinch of taking it to the basket, mixed in with generous helpings of step-back jumpers and three pointers that clang the front iron. The cherry topping: A smile and a giggle in the face of defeat.

Raptor fan remembers this guy: Vintage Vince Carter. 3 quarter performer ... 4th quarter loser. Excellent baskeball player ... Horrible competitor. Watching the Cavs beat VC and Nets made me happy.

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