Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Congratulations Sara and Dooch

Because now you're parents! Welcome to the TeamID family, Cash! We look forward to meeting you soon.

The two of you look messed up in this picture. I hope I don't look like that when we have kids.

Things I'm wondering as I'm writing this:
- How many hours of World of Warcraft did Dooch sneak in while Sara was in labour? hmmmm.
- Does Dooch have marks around his neck from when Sara was strangling him? hmmmm.
- Can Cash ball? Will he dunk on me one day? hmmmm.
- Why do people still insist on running when they hear the subway doors chime?

Yeah, the last one was completely unrelated. This is my blog, bitches! Sue me!

Anyways, these are exciting times for the three of you. Don't forget to stop for a second and soak it all in! You guys are parents! That's crazy!

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chinwhat said...

i heard the Swirsk shout out for Cash during last night's Heat game when MoPwet hit a 3!

Then I told al. then al got mad that he doesn't get a mention on tele. pwnd1