Sunday, April 22, 2007

Raps Nets game 1 analysis

Despite the awesome weather, this was quite the depressing weekend for Raptor fan. The Raps' first time to the playoffs in 5 years, and the first time we've owned home court. 2 and a half hours later, and home court was gone.

What happened? I chalk it up to first time playoff jitters. The Raps are late bloomers -- look at their performance in November. Then, look at their performance in the months leading up to the playoffs. The team that won 47 games during the regular season was not the same team that took the floor yesterday.

The Raps' success comes from sharing the basketball, taking quality shots, and not turning the ball over. Yesterday, TJ Ford had 21 points, but only 2 assists. The Raptors only shot 41% from the field (coupled with 72% from the free throw line). They also turned the ball over 14 times.

A lot of credit needs to go to Lawrence Frank (aka "the twelve-year old boy"), and the Net's stifling 2-3 zone. Other teams have employed this tactic, and it has been known to work. I also blame Joey Graham for his horrible defensive effort.

But know this: The Raps won the fourth quarter, 26-18. They erased a 15-point lead. They dropped the Net's shooting percentage from 49% at the end of the first half down to 42%. First-time jitters. Late bloomers. We'll be back.

And next time, don't bring Shaun. His "I told you so" talk is fucking depressing. See y'all on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

If you're trying to reach me:

Here is my schedule for the next few days:

Sat., Apr. 21, 12:30PM-3:00PM: I'm fucking busy
Tue., Apr. 24, 7:00PM-9:30PM: I'm fucking busy
Fri., Apr. 27, 7:00PM-9:30PM: I'm fucking busy
Sun., Apr. 29, 7:30PM-10:00PM: I'm fucking busy
Tue., May 01: I might be fucking busy
Fri., May 04: I might be fucking busy
Sun., May 06: I might be fucking busy

It's the playoffs, bitch! I. Am. So. Friggin. Pumped. How many more sleeps until Saturday?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The greatest sitcom of all time

Today, I want to be bold. Today, I want to piss some people off. Today, I will not use words like, "In my opinion", or "You can think what you want." That's vagina talk.

Everybody Loves Raymond is the greatest sitcom of all time. Period.

Sure, The Cosby Show will always have a place in my heart. And Seinfeld is still in my daily vernacular. And Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had Tatyana Ali. I'm not saying they suck. I'm saying they ain't got shit on Raymond.

The show's insanely dysfunctional relationships strike a chord in our own, slightly less dysfunctional (but dysfunctional nonetheless) lives. Relationships between husbands and wives, couples and in-laws, parents and children. The hilarity comes from relating to each and every one of these characters.

The character I relate to most: Raymond of course. This guy is friggin stupid! Just like me...

God bless syndication. Rest in peace Peter Boyle. Long live Raymond. I await the backlash...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Race against yourself

On Sunday, my friends and I ran in the Harry Rosen 8K race at high park. I could tell you that we were all concerned about prostate cancer, and wanted to help raise money. But then I would be lying.

No, we've competed for the last 5 years at the same venue for the most juvenile of reasons: to see which one of us sucks the most. It doesn't matter who wins, it matters who loses. That person is responsible for treating us to dinner.

I don't know why we chose this race to run. The first week of April has historically provided us with the worst, most unpredictable weather. Snow storms, rain, below 0 temperatures. But, we're talking about a group of people that don't stay physically fit and then attempt to run 8km. If we're going to be stupid, then we might as well be stupid at the same time.

So anyways, we added a bit of a twist this year: Chin calculated our average times, and the loser would be the runner with the least improvement over their own mark. Genius! I just need to beat 53 minutes, and I spare myself ridicule for an entire year.

Well, I tried my best to prepare for this year's race. Seriously, I did. But I went from cardio 3 times a week, to once a week, to no cardio except for basketball on sunday mornings. This race is going to hurt, real bad.

My experience, per kilometre:
  • 1km: stuck behind a massive crowd of people. I try to take it easy, because my legs are already sore from the first 200m. I check my stopwatch once I cross the mark: 7 minutes. 7 x 8 = 56 minutes! Crap! I gotta pick up the pace!
  • 2km: starting to not feel so freaking cold. I see Chris for the first time. Interesting, I was ahead of him ... but not anymore. It's here that the race is the most depressing -- The leaders of the pack have already run more than half of the race, and since the course doubles back, you have to make way so they can sprint by you.
  • 3km: running up a hill hurts. I stop to take a break, and then Chin passes me. Crap!
  • 4km: something about grabbing a gatorade while you're running makes you feel like a champ.
  • 5km: Chris, you're not supposed to sprint down a hill! That's fucking dangerous. I was always within 5 seconds of Chris, but after that daredevil manuever, he gained 30 secs to 1 min easy. I never saw him again.
  • 6km: I've run this race enough times to know when the finish line is close. Just dig in! There are a few stretches where you can see runners a far distance ahead of you. I look for Chris, but I can't find him.
  • 7km: The hill is coming
  • 8km: I walk up the hill. I'm so done. I check my stopwatch, and it says 53 minutes. I've run my average ... hopefully that's enough.
In the end, my wife didn't finish the race, so she had to pay for dinner. The person with the second worst time (responsible for the drinks) was ... not me! I was 0.1% slower than my average time, and Chin was 0.6% slower. Oh snap!

Congratulations to AI for finishing with the best teamID time (unless you cheated, which is the only way we can rationalize it). Congrats to my wife, who still put in a great effort despite 0 trips to the gym in the 30 days prior to the race. Congrats to Chris, for successfully pulling off the slingshot maneuver on Jon.

Thanks Kev for taking pictures. Click on the thumbnail to see my album.

Next year, I'm going to train. For real. ugh. I need a donut.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Congratulations Sara and Dooch

Because now you're parents! Welcome to the TeamID family, Cash! We look forward to meeting you soon.

The two of you look messed up in this picture. I hope I don't look like that when we have kids.

Things I'm wondering as I'm writing this:
- How many hours of World of Warcraft did Dooch sneak in while Sara was in labour? hmmmm.
- Does Dooch have marks around his neck from when Sara was strangling him? hmmmm.
- Can Cash ball? Will he dunk on me one day? hmmmm.
- Why do people still insist on running when they hear the subway doors chime?

Yeah, the last one was completely unrelated. This is my blog, bitches! Sue me!

Anyways, these are exciting times for the three of you. Don't forget to stop for a second and soak it all in! You guys are parents! That's crazy!