Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spartans! Prepare for Glory!

Recipe for for a blockbuster movie: Take 300 men who are absolutely ripped, and have them half-naked for the whole movie. That'll keep the women interested. Mix in a hot lead actress (Lena Headey). Add in hundreds of dead bodies, spears and swords, lost limbs, and bloodshed. Stuff to get the audience pumped with adrenaline.

Score the movie with a blend of symphony orchestra and ... hard rock?

Then, film your movie against green screen, giving it a very unique, surreal, and visually stunning appearance. Make a movie based on a Frank Miller comic book still feel like a comic book. Add a pinch of slow motion action and a dash of well choreographed fighting. Have some villainous characters that you love to hate.

Throw in a sex scene, a few gratuitous erotic dance scenes, and voila!

For those who missed out on 300 last Friday, I highly endorse this movie. When have I not picked a winner? Think about it.

Noteworthy antics:
  • Three hot dogs, popcorn, pop, and an icee? $30!
  • Chris pwn3d me in Tetris
  • One of my brother's coworkers came by to say hi. Shouldn't have done that while I was playing Tetris, son
  • After the movie, Chris walked away without saying bye. WTF?

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