Sunday, March 11, 2007

My first car

CathyAl are now car owners!

Yesterday we went to Mississauga Honda, and picked up a Civic sedan, in "tango red pearl" (pictured left). It has iPod integration standard, which is good when we start driving from Milton to Toronto.

Now we can do things that we couldn't with just our Metropasses, like:
  • Go to Shaun's for a surprise inspection of his place. I know that shit is messy Saturday to Thursday, and you only clean it when we come by on Fridays. I know it!
  • Go to poker at Mervin's place. I'm back britches!
  • Get chicken wings ... at All-Star ... on a Thursday.
  • Stakeout Chin and his ladyfriends
Next up is picking a custom license plate. Any suggestions? Beside my raptors logo (Ball above all) will be:
  • CATHYAL: This is the frontrunner. A little fob-ish, but so appropriate
  • ENTITY: Might scare drivers as we drive by
  • CIVICHE: TeamID would love it, but the Serbians might get offended
  • PWN3D: I hax0r3d your mom's ass last night ... Do I look like a JEDIMSTR?
  • OHPUNK: This belongs to TeamID, and ANYONE that tries to get this custom plate is selfish.
  • BALLABOVEALL: Damn, too many letters
  • RETRY: Retry? What the fuck is retry?
  • XMODEM: Although this theory was quite intriguing, again I ask: Do I look like a JEDIMSTR?
  • VISTASUX: But everyone should know that already
Thanks to Shaun and Brendan for coming with us to help pick the colour and negotiate the price down. Let's go for a drive!


Shaun said...

My vote is still "CATHYAL" -- that's a plate you can rock till you get old!

jazzexorcizin' said...

For the sake of contradicting Shaun, I wil cast my ballot for Entity - or another palindrome, to coincede with the theme o' the car...

Shaun said...

Entity? Gimme a break... you all know "CATHYAL" is the clear winner in this contest...

Rubex Cube said...

Congrats.....why did you guys pick red? Every car looks hot in black jeez hehe you now are the little cousins of my car....its a skinny version of my accord hehe!

Umm yeah I personally like:

NOT CathyAl that is fobbish as you said! or the Entity that just has a great presence on the road!