Monday, February 19, 2007

Raptors midterm report card - Vol 3 - 3 spot

Morris Peterson: B-
C'mon Mo Pete. How long have you been in the league? Why can't you play consistently? One week, you're dropping 3 balls in the clutch to ice a game, the next week, you're invisible. Smarten up, son! I would have given you a lower grade if didn't show some onions during our January run.

Anthony Parker: A+
Although not statistically impressive (12 ppg, 4 rpg), Anthony "I'm not french and I'm not marrying Eva Longoria" Parker is the crown jewel to Bryan Colangelo's masterpiece rebuild. Why? Because he plays smart, defensively and offensively. He guards the opponent's best offensive player, he stretches the defense with 44% 3-point shooting, He is an excellent help defender, he takes quality shots, oh my!

Joey Graham: C
He is in the same class as Peterson. Flashes of brilliance. Lack of consistency. Carlos Delfino from the Detroit Pistons knows what Graham is capable of if he plays aggressively: Posterized!

Jorge Garbajosa: A-
The lateral quicks, 3-point shooting, and rebounding that Garbo gives the team are among the keys to their success. The Raps haven't had a player with his skillset since Charles Oakley. And he can help translate the Spanish gibberish coming out of Jose Calderon's mouth! Oak wouldn't have been able to do that. He surprises a lot of players with his ability to guard one-on-one, as well as his ability to draw offensive fouls. How do you say "Bravo" en Espanol? Hopefully, he can stay consistent shooting the rock, and the Raps will be in good shape in the second half of the season.

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