Saturday, February 17, 2007

Raptors midterm report card - Vol 2 - on point

Jose Calderon: A
Last season, Jose had passion and energy. What he didn't have was a jump shot. It's amazing what a campeonato del mundo will do (world championship in spanish, appropriate because of his Spanish heritage). This season, he is playing with the same passion and energy, the same playmaking ability, but 52.7% from the field. And onions! Jose has shown that he can deliver in the fourth quarter. I remember a game against the Hornets, where he capped off a huge rally with a layup.

¡guirigay espaƱol! That's Spanish gibberish, in Spanish

TJ Ford: A+
Of all the offseason acquisitions, TJ Ford's was the most bittersweet. Why? Because I like Charlie Villenueva. The draft pick that shouldn't have been picked so high stuffed it
back in all of the critics faces. Second in rookie of the voting, bitches!

But we needed a point guard that could distribute, and TJ Ford can distribute. We needed to give up talent to score Ford, and Villenueva is talent. Sigh. Let's hope this was a right decision, right?

In the first half, Ford has been sick. We knew he could run the floor, we knew he could distribute, but did you know he could lead this team in Chris Bosh's absence? Did you know that you can give him the rock at the end of the game against the Clippers, and he can give you a win?

Charlie who?

Darrick Martin: C
The Raptors propoganda machine will tell you that Darrick Martin has been a veteran presence, mentoring the young point guards. He's been a locker room leader, and almost like another assistant coach.

I don't care! When he's on the floor, this guy is garbage.

Up next: The swingmen

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