Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Second Coming

The beat is hypnotic. The desktop wallpaper at Nike Basketball is sick. Steve Nash looks a bit out of place, trying to mean mug for the camera, but that's alright. What is it about all that swagger on the screen that makes me want to dunk a basketball in someone's face (or at least elbow him in the face, which takes a lot less vertical leap, but has the same adrenaline pumping effect).

This ad campaign gets me pumped. I will buy whatever you're selling me Nike. I know, Mona, they're probably not good for my feet, but as Shaun would say*, "Thirst is nothing, image is everything. Obey your image." I want a white Nike jumpsuit and a pair of Air Force 25s. I want to play basketball in an airplane hangar, and then pose with my boys like, "What, bitch!"

What's that? That's Juelz Santana spitting? Shit! I hate Juelz Santana! Well, you almost had me Nike. I'll still put your commercial on my blog. Next time, get Keith Murray, or Mos Def, or Busta Rhymes to spit 16 for your commercial. Dip set? ugh.

* Shaun has never said this.

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Shaun said...

Thirst is nothing, image is everything. Obey your image

- Shaun