Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Amazing Weekend

... Ha, gotcha bitch! My weekend really wasn't that amazing, as the title suggests, but I'm learning to be more sensational a la someone we all know in Team Indecision.

Finished Legend of Zelda: This game absolutely rocks out, and its use of the Wii remote is also fantastic. 60+ hours of gameplay, puzzle intricacies that make sudoku look like word search, and a fishing mini-game (!) ... Doesn't have the graphics of Gears of War, though (sigh). Bay, can I buy an Xbox 360?

Met my brother's new dog: I spent Saturday afternoon with a cute puppy pug named Zoe. Oh yeah, and my brother, sister-in-law, and my wife. She is the cutest thing (I'm talking about the puppy, not my brother or sister-in-law or ... uh ... never mind). She has little eyes, little paws, but what she is big on is energy ... and as it turns out a lot of teeth. Dang, that hurts! Stop biting me you stupid dog! Ah, I love dogs. (In dopey voice, repeat after me) I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog.

What I'm thankful for is that my brother is doing the exact opposite of my parents. Crate training (to ensure the puppy learns to pee outside), A diet that only consists of dog food (to ensure the puppy doesn't get fat), etc. etc. What does that mean about my parents dogs? Do the math, homey.

Watched Children of Men: I'm probably going to do a more detailed post on this movie, so for now, you get the short version. This movie owns. Acting: owns. Directing: owns. Cinematography: owns. Score:owns. A very beautiful movie. Watch it ... now!

My wife falls in love with Cachet Homes ... again: Went to a sales office for Cachet Homes, which is one of our favourite builders. We checked out their sales office last year, and they're great. We went this weekend just for fun, cuz we're planning on moving to a bigger house and starting a family in the next two years. But my wife really liked one of the layouts. To tell you the truth, I really liked it too. The location is great, since we'd be 5 minutes from my brother. Hmmmmm.... Will CathyAl accelerate their schedule?


chris said...

laugh, whats next, can't play starcraft because its 640x480m 256 colour?

Shaun said...

Chris -- why don't you just force your video to 320x200x256 ?