Thursday, January 11, 2007

Las Vegas: The clean remix Vol. 3

Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton: Nostalgia is cool. It hits you like two tons of bricks right on top of your head. "Damn, I remember that!" You know what I mean?

The Star Trek Experience was chock full of nostalgic goodness. It was hella expensive (On a side note, I was talking to Anth about this, and once he found out the price, he was like, "was it really worth it?" ... You're so fucking cheap A.I.!), but it got my excited about the show all over again.

There were ships hanging from the ceiling, Ferengi and Klingons walking around, and cool props from the TV shows and movies. They even had photon torpedoes. On the displays they would ask random Star Trek quiz questions, and I would tell Cathy the answers in my arrogant voice. "Psh, that's Picard, everyone knows that." Ah, the nerd in me was crying tears of joy. I was showing Cathy the Ferengi "rules of acquisition" book, and the Klingon dictionary at the souvenir shop. We agreed that "Both of these would be great for Shaun."

Cathy, despite not watching any Star Trek, told me she had a great time too. During one of the rides, called the Borg Invasion, they put on a pretty good show before they sat us in the theatre. So much so that Cathy was clutching my arm in fear. Geez Bay, don't you know that the Borg won't attack you unless they see you as a threat? Now hurry up, they might adapt to the modulating phaser frequencies!

I feel like buying ST:TNG DVDs and watching them all over again. I feel like picking up Deep Space Nine. I even feel like watching Voyager. Wait, scratch that last one. Fuck Voyager.

Lil Lex's recommendation: The next time you're in Las Vegas, stop by the Star Trek Experience. Nostalgia, bitches, the shit's ridiculous.

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