Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Las Vegas: The clean remix Vol. 2

More highlights:

Mad poker: We arrived in Las Vegas around 11PM PST (which is 2AM EST). Normal people check in to their hotel and go to sleep. CathyAl checked into their hotel, and looked for the poker room. 2AM tournament? Wicked! Two entrants, please. This is now 5AM EST for anyone not capable for doing simple time zone conversions.

After we both got booted (Cathy lost with pocket kings, and I lost with pocket sevens), I slept for 3 hours. Showered. Shaved. Dressed. All before my wife woke up. I made a bit of noise to wake her, and said something like, "I'll be in the poker room, come get me when you're ready to go out." Yes!

My highlight hand of the trip: The wife comes by, and I tell her, "I'm just going to play this hand, and then we'll eat breakfast." What do I have ... King Jack. Gross. I hate playing this hand. But this is my last hand, let's just play. The flop: King-King-Deuce. Gatdamn! After the hand is finished, I cash out, up almost $100 - Breakfast is on me!

Playing poker is a natural high. A few times I bluffed at a big pot. Once I went all-in on a bluff. Your heart starts racing. You stop breathing.

I learned my lesson from my trip in July. Lesson #1: don't play 2-4 limit. You attract nothing but garbage players. I only played no-limit this time. Lesson #2: Play within your limits. If you're losing too much of your bankroll, or you're tired, or even when you're up, you cash out.

Vegas 2K7, anyone?

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