Thursday, December 14, 2006

My crazy Tita Tess

Cathy's aunt, Tita Tess, is crazy.

"How crazy is she, Al?"

Setting: A day or two after my birthday. I'm at home, and I get a phone call. "Happy birthday! I baked you cake!" It's Tita Tess. Wow, that's so nice. I know Tita Tess makes delicious cakes (not the unbaked variety, Chin, you'll need to wait until she reaches 18, the age of Chinsent), so like any birthday boy would do, I'm all about gimme gimme gimme!

"I'll come over and drop it off", she says. Bonus! 20 minutes later, we head downstairs and meet up with Tita Tess.

What happens next was recorded for posterity. Unbelievable!

She didn't bake me a cake, it was for two-year-old Dillon! And it was eaten! And she served it up with whatever leftovers she could pack up and pawn off to her unsuspecting niece and nephew! What's worse, according to the wife, Tita Tess is going to ask us for payback. We owe her! This was a favour! I am using a lot of exclamations!



Anonymous said...

that's the fucking funniest picture, ever!

Shaun said...

That is sooooooooooooooo awesome! Oh snap!

I baked you a cake... lol

jay said...


And I thought I was creative.