Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Eve 2K6

Christmas used to be about presents. I was always excited about how much money my aunts and uncles were going to give me. And what kind of toys I could buy on boxing day.

But now, in my "old age", I see Christmas in a different light. It's all about the kids. Look at them, they love it!

Christmas Eve with my family was all about Phoenix, Corona Rose, and the newest addition, Ayaan (pictured left). Click on the link to check out my pictures.

I also scored mad Nintendo Wii games! I haven't even opened some of them. And I brought my Wii over, the cousins loved it. We didn't leave until 2AM.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Hot to death

Ciara's video for "Promise" is soooooooo hot! Wait for the scene where everyone has their back on the wall gyrating their hips. Oh dear!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Las Vegas: The clean remix Vol. 1

My third trip, and the second this year ... man I love Las Vegas! Something about this place is magical. I can play poker at 2AM, check out a white tiger at 10:30, drink liquor while walking down the strip, watch a Cirque du Soleil show at 9:00PM and play Keno from my table while I'm eating a late night dessert! We were barely in our room, as CathyAl averaged 4-5 hours of sleep per night.

Cathy had never visited before, so we did a ton of sightseeing. We visited the hotels along the strip, from the Wynn Las Vegas all the way to Mandalay Bay. The grandeur of these hotels amazed us both, as did the painstaking attention to detail. Crown molding, mosaic tiles, fresh flowers. Gatdamn!

The Bellagio fountain show, the volcano eruption at the Mirage, the Fremont St experience, so much to see and do! And in just 3 days, we managed to pack in a lot. Here are some highlights:

Cole Haan: We saw a Cole Haan store at the Fashion Show Mall, and went in to check out the high heel shoes with Nike Air technology. They were featured on my baby's favourite show, Oprah (which, by the way, I only watch because she watches it). She was so scared to try them on, because she knew if she really liked them, she would have bought them. I asked her, "couldn't you try them on, and have the self control to not buy them?", to which she quickly replied, ".... no."

White Tiger at the Mirage: We've seen tigers on TV, but seeing one with your own two eyes really puts the fear of god in you. This thing was huge! And no, Jon, you could not outrun this guy. Despite being raised by Sigfried and Roy, this tiger wasn't a pansy.

Some immigrant character beside me thought it would be cool to growl like a tiger and make a motion with his arm that looked like he was clawing at his prey (you know what I'm talking about, you do it too). It made me jump, as I am easily startled. And then Cathy started laughing at me. Fucking guy, what the fuck are you doing? Do you think the tiger is scared of you growling at her? She'll fuck you up ... and if she doesn't I'll gladly take care of you myself!

The view from Stratosphere: Back in the T-dot, we don't see mountains off in the horizon. So standing at the top of the Stratosphere tower, and seeing that you are in the desert (aka the middle of nowhere) bordered on all four sides by mountains, is quite a majestic sight.

More highlights in my next post, but until then you can check out the photo album.

Holiday Laziness

Sorry for not posting in a long time, but between our trip to Las Vegas, and the annual holiday parties, I have been too busy (or is it too lazy?) to blog.

In the next few days, I've got a lot of posts planned out. But for now, it's back to Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess. Game of the Year? Just might be!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My crazy Tita Tess

Cathy's aunt, Tita Tess, is crazy.

"How crazy is she, Al?"

Setting: A day or two after my birthday. I'm at home, and I get a phone call. "Happy birthday! I baked you cake!" It's Tita Tess. Wow, that's so nice. I know Tita Tess makes delicious cakes (not the unbaked variety, Chin, you'll need to wait until she reaches 18, the age of Chinsent), so like any birthday boy would do, I'm all about gimme gimme gimme!

"I'll come over and drop it off", she says. Bonus! 20 minutes later, we head downstairs and meet up with Tita Tess.

What happens next was recorded for posterity. Unbelievable!

She didn't bake me a cake, it was for two-year-old Dillon! And it was eaten! And she served it up with whatever leftovers she could pack up and pawn off to her unsuspecting niece and nephew! What's worse, according to the wife, Tita Tess is going to ask us for payback. We owe her! This was a favour! I am using a lot of exclamations!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heavy Rotation

Track #2 sums it all up. Oh ... my .... god ... Hov!

Jay-Z's out-of-retirement masterpiece, Kingdom Come, is one of two albums that I've been listening to for the last three weeks (the other one is Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor). For real. This album is sick.

Backed by the team of hip-hop super-producers Just Blaze, Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Kanye West, and Swizz Beatz, Kingdom Come sounds like a Jay-Z album, while still sounding progressive and fresh. Just Blaze tracks have lots of crash cymbals and a jazzy feel. "Trouble" sounds like something for Linkin Park. The Neptunes sound like ... well, it sounds like the Neptunes ... what do you want?!

And although he has never been (nor does he become) the best lyricist to ever spit on a track, he is definitely one of the only rappers that can talk as much smack as he does, because he can back it up. In "30 something" he writes:

I'm, young enough to know the right car to buy yet grown enough not to put rims on it
I got that six-duce with curtains so you can't see me and I didn't even have to put tints on it
I don't got the bright watch I got the right watch
I don't buy out the bar, I bought the night spot

Jiggaman seems to be more responsible and reflective. He's wise like old man Jon. In "Minority Report", Jay talks about the aftermath from Hurricane Katrina. In particular how poorly managed the rescue efforts were. In "Lost One", he questions whether he was responsible for the car accident that killed his nephew. Too many hip-hop albums are 12 tracks of braggadocio, but Kingdom Come comes with something more.

And the gem of this album is his collaboration with Coldplay's Chris Martin, titled "Life is a Beach Chair." Coldplay and Hova? Oh snap! Only the god MC can pull this off. It's the ROC!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"I woke up early on my born day..."

Saturday night I got together with my friends to celebrate my 28th birthday. Since my birthday is only two days from my friend Chris', we always celebrate our birthday together. So, Saturday night I got together with my friends to celebrate our 28th birthday. You fucking pricks.

Anyways, the Raptors won, which was a great birthday present. And I got to eat fried chicken. And black forest cake. And play Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Simple pleasures for a simple man.

I was thoroughly impressed by Rob's wife, Elaine. She knew Andrea Bargnani's scoring average. She remembers who the Raptors played two weeks ago. Truest Raptors fan? Just might be. A bigger fan than Shaun, who can't pronounce Baron Davis' name. It's Bare-en, not Barong without the g. What are you, filipino?

I was also impressed by Ruby's ability to box. As well as Mona. I feel sorry for whoever marries these two! (damn ... Sorry Bal).

A lot of thanks are in order. Thanks to all y'all for coming out. Thanks to Chin for hosting and cooking some Lasagna. Thanks to Shaun (aka the chair-MAN) for picking up that card and getting everyone to sign it. Which reminds me, Chris, we got a card from everyone. Thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for hooking us up with some food. Thanks to everyone that listened to me and didn't buy me a gift. But... thanks also to those that got me something. I'm very blessed to have y'all as friends.

Most of all, thanks to my very special wife, for always taking care of me. You are the love of my life. Another successful birthday party in the books!