Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wish list 2K6

I don't want any presents for my birthday this year. For real. I'm getting old. No more presents. No need to buy my love. For real. Disclaimer: Alexis Torreno does not endorse any gift purchasing of any kind.

With that being said, here's a list of cool stuff I wish I had :)
  • Nintendo Wii Remotes: They're expensive! I get one when I buy my Wii next week, but extra ones cost $45. And the nunchuck attachment costs $25. But when our arms are flailing around playing a game of doubles tennis, it'll all be worth it!
  • Nintendo Wii Games: The Wii is going to change first-person shooters on the console. Far Cry, or Call of Duty 3, anyone?
  • Toronto Raptors tickets: Fuck Anthony Irving. He doesn't know the difference between the high post and the short corner. He doesn't know the defensive 3 in the key rule. Give me free Raptors tickets from your client, Jon! Raps look good this season.
  • Toronto Raptors gear: I love the Raptors claw logo. How come after all this time being a Raptors fan, I don't have any Raptors gear to wear?
  • Deutschland Jersey
  • Airport Express: Allows you to wirelessly stream your music from iTunes to your home stereo speakers. For me, that means the Altec Lansing speakers I stole from Chris!
  • Camera Tripod: So that I can take pictures without needing to ask some random stranger. Everytime I give my camera to some no-name guy, it turns out blurry. Fuck! Learn how to use a digital camera!
  • Nintendo DS Lite: I've been bitten by the DS bug! If the Wii wasn't coming out this week, I would have bought one already.
  • External HD: The downside to buying a laptop is that I have a small harddrive. Having an external one would allow me to move some thangs. Like this video of Shaun singing Karaoke.
  • Gift Card to RW & Co.: I wrote about this last year, and ain't a damn thing changed! I heart RW & Co. Their clothes look good, and it isn't Banana Republic expensive. The only thing better would be to work at Harry Rosen folding clothes so you can pick up a sick discount. Damn you Chris!
  • DL Incognito Albums: This guy is a sick lyricist. The only problem is that he's Canadian, and nobody knows him, or cares about him, or buys his music. Which means he's harder to pirate. Which means I'd have to actually buy his album to listen to it. And that's expensive. Sigh
  • New Poker Chip Set: I have the cheapy Wal-Mart brand. I wish I had a better set. and I wish I played more poker. And won more. Definitely. Sigh.
  • New Poker Books: I'll read them, and then I can win more. Right? Sigh.


Anonymous said...

if you want, you can borrow my enclosure! i swear, everyone, ya'lls better be backing up your stuff!

Shaun said...

Damn.. Chin.. stop trying to pimp your enclosure on everyone!


(actually.. I may have to borrow it once I get my 750 GB drives...)