Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sleepless weekend

It's the wife checking in:

I've been awake practically all weekend!

The weekend was kicked off with the annual Scotia "Christmas" party hosted by the traders. I have to admit it was probably the best one that I've attended in the 7 years I've been with the bank. Traditional drunkedness all around and we all know how I get when I drink...Catherine "Tornado" was in full effect.

My drinks of choice for the evening were Tequilla shots washed down with, Chris' favourite, Jack and Coke. After downing about 4 of each, I decided I was well enough to join Team ID to view the new James Bond flick.

My, my, my...Daniel Craig is pretty sexy. Sorry Pierce Brosnan, but Mr. Craig pwns you on the body department. Y'all know what seen I'm talking about. While the members of Team ID (with penises winced), I was enjoying Mr. Craig buck - necked!!!! Awesome!!! Finally got home at 3am and crashed.

The following morning, I woke up early to get a head start on my housework. However, I couldn't start my day without my usual Saturday morning walk. My husband and I walked to the local bakery (Mystic Muffin). Their apple cake is sick. I think this should be my husband's contribution to the cake party, seeing that the sales pig owner is usually successful in up selling my husband from a slice of cake to a WHOLE cake. PWND!! For example, if I go there by myself, the owner will say "Where's the Big Guy, I want to sell a cake" OP!

Once all of this was out of the way, I thought I would rest up for fight night. Pacman vs. Morales. Morales is another fine example of the opposite sex by the way (that's right fuckers, I had to specify Morales to avoid your fob boy punkage). Anyways, I figure I'd start getting ready for the fight. I hear Alexis and Jon talking. WTF??? The fight's on Sunday???!!!! This doesn't make sense. After several searches and calls to Rogers, we found out the fight was playing on HBO at 1:30 SUNDAY MORNING!!! Shrug, what can you do???

On a side note, Rogers sucks because:

1. Their customer service phone number takes voicemails

2. The above service replied to the voice mail almost 12 hours after the fight aired. You dummies, our voicemail wanted to know what channel the fight was airing on...ghetto.

Anyways, most of Team ID came by (minus Chris who had a date with lady XBOX 360) to watch the fight/Raps. Raps lost. Let's move on. $50 dollars later, the fight was finally available at Casa Torreno. The undercard sucked but Pacman and Morales delivered. Awesome!! Aside from Jon, I think I'm the biggest boxing fan in Team ID. Don't know why I like watching it, but it's wicked. Especially when you have a 4 foot nothing filipino guy brawling with a "haaaandsome" Mexican.

Boxing ended at 5am Sunday morning, Team ID left and the husband and I walked to Best Buy. That's right. We tidied up a bit and headed to our local Best Buy to line up for the Nintendo Wii. It was effing cold!!!! but fun. For example, roaming the streets downtown in the "wii" hours of the morning sometimes invites unwanted/special guests. For example, I had to do some business, so I walked to the nearest Tim Hortons (while my husband held our spot in line). When I was done, I walked out and noticed my shoelace was untied. I bent down to untie it and some random guy came out of nowhere (on a bike) and started talking to me. Actually, he kinda looked like a cross between Anth and that white guy Darrell from high school (check your yearbooks). Anyways, he "biked" back with me most of the way and was hating on Tim Hortons. He was telling me how they have nothing on "fine establishments" like Coffee Time. WTF??? Leave me alone!!!

Anyways, Best Buy was doing so well in co-ordinating this event, from line-ups to ticket distribution. We were 160 of 300. Still good, until.....they decided to bring everyone into the waiting area. Someone effed up. Instead of opening the doors in the indoor entrance, random Best Buy employee announces "We won't be letting you guys in through these doors. Instead, we will be using the main entrance" Big mistake. All 300+ plus people make a mad dash for the main entrance. Laugh. Effing nerds. One of them actually yelled out "Zerg rush"!!!

After another hour in line, my husband became the proud owner of the Nintendo Wii. Finally, we can go home. But not yet. After a little rest, we had to meet our family for sleepy. We finally get home around 4pm and he opens up the Nintendo.

It's awesome!!! Boxing and Tennis pwns!!! Who needs a gym membership when you have a Wii. My shirt was soaked after playing a few games. Laugh!!!

Anyways, it's 10pm on Sunday night. I think it's time I get some sleep this weekend.


Anonymous said...

laugh @ 'zerg rush'

chris said...

haha, I also laughed at "zerg rush"