Thursday, November 30, 2006

My trip to the mall

Usually dull and mundane, today I saw lots of weird stuff:
  • Santa was at the mall, but he wasn't taking pictures with babies. Today, he was taking pictures with dogs. I checked the floor to make sure I didn't step in shit. Then I checked his lap. "I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog"
  • My wife gets her eyebrows done at Trade Secrets. In the front there are hair products and makeup-like stuff. In the back, is an area for women (and Shaun) to get their eyebrows did. The area is about 3 feet by 3 feet, and houses 8 or 9 chairs, with one employee per chair. It looked like a sweat shop. Or a contest to pack people into a VW Beetle.
  • Overheard the protocol for those hoping to buy a Wii from an EBGames. "The shipping list gets printed at 9am every day. The lineup forms around 8:15am. Someone comes out and tells the lineup how many Wiis are available. The lucky ones keep waiting until 11." Can you believe that shit? "Hey, thanks for staying outside of our door for the last hour. We don't have any Wiis today, maybe y'all can try tomorrow." I guess I shouldn't be the one to talk.

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Shaun said...

OP! I can't believe line up daily for a Wii. Is it going to hurt to weait a few weeks? REally?