Monday, November 06, 2006

General tips, speed up bittorrent, parallels and vpn

This post is not for my regular readers. But I felt a responsibility to share these things that were frustrating me in the hopes the Google indexes this page and it helps others.

How to speed up bittorrent if you have a router
Bittorrent was running sooooooo slow for me. I figured something must be wrong. 2.4 K/s? I've got a high speed net connection! So I searched and came across this post.

The trick is to allow port forwarding on ports 6881 to 6889 in your router's config. After I did that, boom! Fast website piracy!

How to see Windows from your Mac when using Parallels
After installing Parallels and Windows, things were good. I had successfully transitioned to the Mac, with Windows close by just so I can have some stuff that I need for work. But the ironic thing is that what I needed for work caused my setup to break. I installed the Cisco VPN client for Windows. Even without being connected, it has a service running that hides Windows from other machines on the network (i.e. my Mac).

To fix this, just uninstall the VPN client on Windows, and install the VPN client on OS X instead. Worked for me!

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