Saturday, November 04, 2006

Epiche Sellout...

Mrs. Lex here:

Team ID was out for their usual Friday dinner. The plan: pick-up dinner, watch the Raps at Shaun's parents' place and go to the theatre to catch Borat.

Things I learned tonight:

1. Shamity and Hate are genetic.

Shaun's shamity was in full effect. First, he feels obliged to buy us dinner since we bought him dinner when he came to our place on Wednesday. Ghetto. To make it worse, he buys the dinner to bring to his parents' place (knowing full well that he told his parents we were coming over. As a result, Mrs. Sequeira made us dinner (spaghetti and carrot cake)) Double ghetto. Anyways, to get to my point:

Shaun's dad comes down to get some chicken. Dialogue goes as follows:

Dad: I'm just gonna grab some chicken
Shaun: Maybe you should bring some chicken up for mom too
Dad: Why??? If she wants chicken she should come down herself
Shaun: Why doesn't she come down
Dad: She's just too shy. Too bad for her. If she doesn't want to come down...what is she scared...scared of Alexis!!!???

Laugh...Shaun gets shamity from his mom and hate from his dad.

Now to get to the topic of my post.

Congratulations to the Raps for winning their home opener. We head out to the the theatre. Me and my #1 and #2 hubby in one car. Gwylo and Brown in another car. The parking lot is packed!!! Everyone wants to see Borat. We were searching high and low for a parking spot. All of a sudden the hubby #2 blurts out: "Hey, there's Anth!!!" I turn to look and find him getting in the car while his lady friend sits in the passenger seat. WTF??? Did he just sell us out of Borat!!! Did he just watch the movie after practically ejaculating over email about how he wanted to come with us tonight. No effing way!!! So we wedge him into his parking spot and start honking the horn. We had to get a spot....

So we find a parking spot close by and our newly christened casual Team ID member (C-TIM) makes a mad dash out of the parking lot. Ghetto. So I start yelling "Sellout", "You suck, Anth".

We enter the theatre and share the news with the rest of Team ID (and friends). Let the hate begin. Everyone who had a cell phone sent crazy text messages and left voicemails with C-TIM. Suddenly, my husband's phone rings. His number shows up on the call display. Alexis answers the phone and a lady is on the other line. Smack-tacular.

Alexis: Hello?
Alexs: Who is this?
Alexis: Is this who you sold us out for?

At this point, Shaun's CB motor started and he grabbed the phone. During this time, Sellout took the phone from his lady friend and pretended he couldn't hear the other person on the line. Shaun said he said "Hello?....Hello?"...and then click!!!

Oh man....let the smack begin. Where's your loyalty now?

I now declare the Fall-in-Line Initiative active and in full effect. I'm not speaking for everyone. This is just from me. If you don't want to come just say so. Do what Jon does. Tell the truth about what you're doing...Chin, Chris and dare I say, Shaun. At least, he tells us if he's going to chill with other people. I understand you guys are looking for new relationships but does that mean you abandon your old ones. I don't know. You guys are perfectly entitled to hang out with whomever you choose, but if you're going to call me your friend, you need to show some effort. I'm not saying make it to every Friday dinner but who says you can't make it to at least one during a month. Don't pussy around with these tummy ache excuses. At first, I missed you. You may think this is me going all "Oprah" on you. I don't care. You may be reading this with a smirk on your face. I also don't care. Jon told me once, I'm a person who wears my emotions on my sleeve. I'm calling it like I see it. I personally am tired of the excuses. As someone once told me "That is why you fail". Call or email...doesn't matter. I'll answer. The ball is in your court now. I'm not gonna give you another chance to sell me out.


Anonymous said...


excellent post. the only problem is that this feeds ai's ego. plus you think that asshole cares?

Shaun said...

Yeah man. I got your back. Don't tell people you're coming and not show -- that's rude. Have some tact...

I guess he collected all his cheques, so there was no point.

*shakes head*

"He's retarded?"

Rubex Cube said...

Oh man I hope you don't consider me a sell out...well yeah I do sell out often but I always have stuff to do...damn it I wanted to see Borat yesterday night but had a freaking family b-day party to go to...ouch I would not want to be Anth's shoes right now! Nice post...

Shaun said...

At least you give us notice...

On a brighter note...