Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Toy!

Thanks Mike and Michelle! You're the best sister-in-law and almost brother-in-law that I know (Sorry Marvin and Heather, your asses got downgraded).

Why? Because I just got my birthday and Christmas present 1 month in advance. Welcome to the Canon Powershot SD450 (pictured left, if you're dense). I'm back baby! Just need an SD card from Shaun and his sales pig conglomerate, and I'm ready for my vacation in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the guys, who helped choose a camera they knew I would like. And knowing that I was a Canon fanboy, and would snob off any other camera brand. You guys know me so well (sniff).

Oh yeah, and for my Mac addicts, I just plugged in my camera, launched iPhoto, and downloaded my test pics. No hardware wizards, no searching for drivers, etc. Fuck you Windows! Okay, that was a bit much. But I'm not taking it back.

They gave it to me this early because of the return/exchange policy of wherever they bought it. Am I that picky, that I would try to return this camera? Jeez sis, you think so lowly of me.

I feel sad for my old camera. Maybe we should have a funeral for it or something. It gave us many a good picture, like this one:

Chin either looks like he's attracted to the Natty's breasts, or he's afraid of contracting a disease from her.

Cathy pointed out something interesting. Jon was the one that lost my old camera case (back at my wedding), and he was the last one using my camera before it broke. Stay ... the fuck .... away ... from my new camera! You got your own, but really I don't know why, when all the pictures from my brother's wedding were blurry, like this:


Anonymous said...

it's not jon's fault that the picture is blurry. it's shaun's fault for playing with his replica StarTrek laser gun!

Shaun said...


Such a punk! It's Jon's fault for shooting the flash infront of something reflective!