Sunday, October 22, 2006

Filipinos and Poker

A few weeks ago, I was watching season 4 of the World Poker Tour. They were at the Borgata in Atlantic City. It was there that I watched my Tito Ric kick ass at the final table. Well, not my real Tito Ric, but when you see an old filipino guy, he's automatically a tito.

His name was Ricardo Festejo. He had the signature gut of so many old filipino dudes. And the fob accent to match.

The biggest signature was his addiction to gambling. Heads up against Al Ardebili, with K-7-2 on the board, and A-2 in his hand, Festejo raised to 1 million. Ardebili, with 3-2 in his hand, re-raised all-in. Now, even with Tito Ric having the better hand (pair of twos with a ace kicker), this is an impossible call. But still, he made it. Cojones! Like friggin watermelons!

Too bad a three came off on the turn. One of the greatest injustices I've ever seen in poker. The call of the century, and it doesn't get paid off. Sorry Tito Ric, maybe next time.

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