Friday, October 20, 2006

Excited to watch the 06 Raps

The raps are 5-0 in preseason play. I am perfectly aware that this is "just preseason", but there is a lot of significance in their success, and a lot to be excited about!

The team is balanced offensively. Defensively, they still seem to be a bit deficient, but they're forcing more turnovers and converting them into points. The team is also very deep. Like 10 or 11 players deep. Coach Mitchell is going to have a hard time benching a PJ Tucker, or a Kris Humphries, after their preseason performances. Plus Chris Bosh is dropping 3 balls? Are you bananas!?

Still, this team was just formed during the offseason, so I'm not expecting an NBA championship this season. But what I'm hoping for is a team that can play 48 minutes. Last year's Raptors lost sooooo many games by 5 points or less. Or lost the game at the buzzer. Or collapsed in the last five minutes.

In order to make the playoffs, the Raps will need at a minimum to dethrone one of the bottom 4 seeds from last season. Washington, Indiana, Chicago, Milwaukee. Of those 4, Chicago and Milwaukee are arguably upgraded. Indiana is definitely the most downgraded, with the loss of Stojakovic and Stephen Jackson shooting people. Washington didn't make any moves did they? Maybe we can slip in ahead of one of these two?

Let's start the season already! Damn!

PS redesigned their site! Cool!

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Pre-season doesn't mean anything my friend...

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