Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Is this Fanta?" - Team ID Chicago 2006

It's the wife checking in...

Fanta. What can I say? This, I believe, is the greatest beverage in the universe. Not too sweet, I could drink this stuff by the vase-fulls. After having dinner with Jon and his girlfriend, the husband and I decided to stop by the local 7-eleven. My goal was to get an - old favourite - the slurpee. However, I wasn't expecting to discover Fanta slurpees. Holy cow!!! Is this possible? Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me! Two of the greatest inventions together in one cup.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Toy!

Thanks Mike and Michelle! You're the best sister-in-law and almost brother-in-law that I know (Sorry Marvin and Heather, your asses got downgraded).

Why? Because I just got my birthday and Christmas present 1 month in advance. Welcome to the Canon Powershot SD450 (pictured left, if you're dense). I'm back baby! Just need an SD card from Shaun and his sales pig conglomerate, and I'm ready for my vacation in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the guys, who helped choose a camera they knew I would like. And knowing that I was a Canon fanboy, and would snob off any other camera brand. You guys know me so well (sniff).

Oh yeah, and for my Mac addicts, I just plugged in my camera, launched iPhoto, and downloaded my test pics. No hardware wizards, no searching for drivers, etc. Fuck you Windows! Okay, that was a bit much. But I'm not taking it back.

They gave it to me this early because of the return/exchange policy of wherever they bought it. Am I that picky, that I would try to return this camera? Jeez sis, you think so lowly of me.

I feel sad for my old camera. Maybe we should have a funeral for it or something. It gave us many a good picture, like this one:

Chin either looks like he's attracted to the Natty's breasts, or he's afraid of contracting a disease from her.

Cathy pointed out something interesting. Jon was the one that lost my old camera case (back at my wedding), and he was the last one using my camera before it broke. Stay ... the fuck .... away ... from my new camera! You got your own, but really I don't know why, when all the pictures from my brother's wedding were blurry, like this:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Google fanboy strikes again

I was just playing around with Picasa Web, one of Google's latest offerings. From iPhoto, I just select export, and my pictures get resized and uploaded to my public gallery. Wicked.

They've given me 250MB to play with. I've uploaded Chin's pictures from Marvin and Heather's wedding as an experiment. Check it out.

I can apparently link to other people's galleries (Hint: Chin, Chris, Ruby ... y'all have Google accounts). There are also RSS feeds, which means I don't have to visit your gallery every day to see if you've uploaded more photos (claps hands and jumps up and down repeatedly with gleeful smile on face).

Filipinos and Poker

A few weeks ago, I was watching season 4 of the World Poker Tour. They were at the Borgata in Atlantic City. It was there that I watched my Tito Ric kick ass at the final table. Well, not my real Tito Ric, but when you see an old filipino guy, he's automatically a tito.

His name was Ricardo Festejo. He had the signature gut of so many old filipino dudes. And the fob accent to match.

The biggest signature was his addiction to gambling. Heads up against Al Ardebili, with K-7-2 on the board, and A-2 in his hand, Festejo raised to 1 million. Ardebili, with 3-2 in his hand, re-raised all-in. Now, even with Tito Ric having the better hand (pair of twos with a ace kicker), this is an impossible call. But still, he made it. Cojones! Like friggin watermelons!

Too bad a three came off on the turn. One of the greatest injustices I've ever seen in poker. The call of the century, and it doesn't get paid off. Sorry Tito Ric, maybe next time.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Excited to watch the 06 Raps

The raps are 5-0 in preseason play. I am perfectly aware that this is "just preseason", but there is a lot of significance in their success, and a lot to be excited about!

The team is balanced offensively. Defensively, they still seem to be a bit deficient, but they're forcing more turnovers and converting them into points. The team is also very deep. Like 10 or 11 players deep. Coach Mitchell is going to have a hard time benching a PJ Tucker, or a Kris Humphries, after their preseason performances. Plus Chris Bosh is dropping 3 balls? Are you bananas!?

Still, this team was just formed during the offseason, so I'm not expecting an NBA championship this season. But what I'm hoping for is a team that can play 48 minutes. Last year's Raptors lost sooooo many games by 5 points or less. Or lost the game at the buzzer. Or collapsed in the last five minutes.

In order to make the playoffs, the Raps will need at a minimum to dethrone one of the bottom 4 seeds from last season. Washington, Indiana, Chicago, Milwaukee. Of those 4, Chicago and Milwaukee are arguably upgraded. Indiana is definitely the most downgraded, with the loss of Stojakovic and Stephen Jackson shooting people. Washington didn't make any moves did they? Maybe we can slip in ahead of one of these two?

Let's start the season already! Damn!

PS redesigned their site! Cool!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Congratulations Marvin and Heather!

After 9 and a half years my brother finally married his high school sweetheart Heather on Saturday. It's about fucking time! These fools did everything backwards. First, they got a mortgage. Next, they decided to get married. Afterwards, my brother bought her an engagement ring. WTF?

Anyways, enough about that. These two did their wedding right: 300+ guests, SUV limousines, mad crazy appetizer bar, and of course, open bar!

The wedding weekend started on Thursday night, with the rehearsal. Our priest may be a man of God, but he doesn't have much in the way of patience, flexibility, or manners. At one point, Heather asked if she could change the order of the procession. The priest replies, "why don't I just get out, and you can do this?" (talking about running the rehearsal). Oy!

On Friday, I spent the night at my brother's place. This guy still didn't have his placeholders ready, or his giveaways, or his photography list, and I caught him calling the limo driver, negotiating the schedule. Horrible. I thought I came by to have a good time before the big day. Wrong - I got to get some work done. Around midnight or 1AM we were finally done. We celebrated with a pair of games of Texas Hold 'Em.

Saturday morning, my brother's friends/photography afficianados Brian and Carlo came by to take pictures of the groomsmen. We had a lot of fun shots, and hopefully they'll post them online soon.

What I really remember about my brother's wedding was seeing all of the family together in the same room. My cousin Kris from Texas. My cousins Ling and B.A. from Minnesota. All the Torrenos and all the Galvans. It was kinda like my wedding, except with none of the stress! I wish I mingled more, because I had a lot of catching up to do between all the cousins that I haven't seen in a long time, and old friends from high school that I haven't seen since ... uh, high school. The only problem was that I was drunk after only 30 minutes at the reception. "I'm drunk!"

So, here's to my brother and my new sister-in-law. and Vince, aka "drunk #2!". and Jojo, who kept asking me to take my shirt off. and everyone giving props like Damon Jones and LeBron James. and Bailey's, Napoleon Brandy, Sambuca, and Rye + Ginger.

C'mon wedding pact, we need one of y'all to get married! More weddings!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Driving in the city sucks ass

Had to rent a car for my brother's wedding. Dropped off my wife this morning, and thought to myself, maybe it'll be faster and more convenient to drive into work.


What's worse is that I have to drive back home after work.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Everything I remember about my trip to Chicago

Quickly, before I forget:
  • Shaun shaking his ass while packing the bags.
  • Dane Cook's bit about "leaving a legacy" ... gold! "I did not say fucking ... He only said that to add emotion and intensity to his story. He is a 50-year old liar, that deserves to get ice cream smashed in or around his eye area."
  • The Sears Tower gives you a spectacular view of Chicago. I don't understand why one would be willing to pay $150 to get to Chicago, and not want to pay $12 to visit one of Chicago's premiere attractions.
  • I've never seen so many Walgreens, McDonalds, Starbucks and Subways in my whole life.
  • No MTV2 in my room? How often do I get to watch the sucker-free Sunday? At least National Geographic channel came strong. Leopards hunting and Baboons stealing babies, oh my!
  • We should have crashed that Indian wedding. The dessert looked good!
  • Cheers to AI for landing a 4 star hotel. Jeers to AI for promising a 20 min transit ride into the city.
  • Americans are filthy with their food. Double decker pizzas with a brick of cheese per slice. Small coffees that look like larges back home. Country gravy at IHOP. But the ultimate is the Chilli 5-way, courtesy of the Steak and Shake. Spaghetti noodles, topped with chilli, 3 cheeses, and onions. The five of us that went there all came out sick. Sick to our stomachs. Never go to a sit-down restaurant that can also serve people going to a drive-thru. Don't do it!
  • Chicago has a lot of hotties
  • I thought I was smart, but I got my ass served in Big Brain Academy against the likes of Chris, Chin, and Jon. The only ones I could have beaten didn't want to play (do the math).
  • Nominees for worst driver-shotgun combo: Shaun and Jon ... one of them put our lives in danger to satisfy his road rage, and the other couldn't perform the simplest of shotgun tasks, like having change ready for the toll, or recognizing that we were supposed to exit the highway. What a disaster.
  • Milleneum park is a very cool place.
  • Chicago has a lot of hotties
  • The slanted building, from Adventures in Babysitting! Mighty Thor!
  • The water fountain from the opening theme of Married with Children! Al, let's have sex! D'uh, no Peg.
  • When we went to Harpo Studios, it was closed. Across the street, I thought I saw a gift shop. Turned out it was some kind of administrative office for Harpo. There was a security guard behind the locked door, and I guess she didn't take a liking to me trying the door. So as soon as I cleared the parking lot, boom, she turns on the fucking security fencing. But I did not say fucking!
  • How come married men aren't invited to the strip club. I can look!
  • The automated voice at the Milleneum park parking lot sounded like Shaun! You sold us out again, how much did they pay you?
  • The wife declares, "someone peed on the floor." Shaun confidently replies, "it couldn't have been me, because I've been peeing sitting down the whole weekend." WTF?
  • Anatomically correct moose and TeamID are a match made in heaven.
See y'all next Thanksgiving!