Friday, September 29, 2006

To New Car, or not to Car

Well, the Pontiac Grand Am did it again, the only way it knows how. It broke down. Transmission this time. That thing is on a friggin respirator, with a nurse and a defibrillator on standby.

Its impending death has caused the wife and I to go virtual car shopping online. The thing is, I hate cars (Shaun and Chris are grimacing at this very moment). Cars are not good investments. In fact, they depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. They cost you tons of money in gas and insurance. And five years from now, when you've made your last finance payment, that's when people start punking you for having an old-school five-year-old piece of shit.

But the reality is that I need a car. Family and friends live in Mississauga. You can't get anywhere out in the burbs without a car. So suck it up, you fucking jerkoff (that's me yelling at myself, I guess the red devil on my shoulder is a redneck or something).

I never really understood people that loved to drive, until I drove my first luxury car. It was the Chevy Suburban, and man did it ever feel good. Heated seats, leather interior, and the engine just purred. I was making excuses just to go out and drive that thing.

Thus, the dilemma. No car equals pulling teeth, while we sit on the Go Bus, or hope that someone is nice enough to drive us home. Getting a car means I'd have to spend money on something that I don't even like. But getting a nice car might change my attitude
. But cars are not a good investment. But sunroofs are good for fresh air.

Fuck, I'm babbling. It's late. We're just going to rent every other weekend or something. Until we're ready to move to a bigger place. And then I gotta think about this all over again. And pass my confusion and anger to my loyal readers. Enjoy.


Shaun said...

Maybe a cheap used Corolla Nation or Civic Nation might do the trick $5000?

Maybe less -- I'll go test driving with you when you're ready!

Rubex Cube said...

You've got to think of it like a shopping list....go though the things that you need and want in a car and then find one that fits what you can afford yada yada.

Like Shaun said let us car lovers know when you want shop! hehe :P