Saturday, September 16, 2006

Firefox Fever

It seems y'all are right. Overall, Firefox has about 10% or less market share:

But in more tech-savvy circles, usage is up close to the 30% mark, which was my estimate:

At our table last night, FireFox usage was at 83%. Shaun, you fucking suck. I thought you were computer-savvy, but you're no better than the sales guy at my office that doesn't know the difference between memory and disk space. Hope you have Norton installed!

Real internet users use FireFox.


Rubex Cube said...

Mozilla rocks! Bros been rocking it before me and they were like "damn Rubes don't you know any better" haha

Shaun said...

Fuck Firefox. Fire firefox day. FUCK FUCK FUCK!

I love IE. It's sellable (to a degree)

** Shaun **
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Shaun said...

And how the fuck des mozilla make money?

chris said...

Firefox for life