Monday, August 14, 2006

Taste of Dan-fizzorth

The tradition stays alive one more year, no thanks to white water rafters and euro-hags abroad. Oh yeah, and lazy-ass Koreans.

Representing for TeamID were the entity and good mornin' Alison (aka Miss Pac-Man). While y'all probably don't want to hear about my battle with defecation, it was a sign that there good eats to be had in 2K6. The highlight of the night: Strawberries and whipped cream from Il Fornello. Gatdamn!

Honorable mention goes to a group of teens that we run into at the park. One is obviously heavily intoxicated (aka smashed out of his mind). While his friends mock and question his manhood, he retorts, "shut up, you guuuys are used to it, I'm NOT!" He proceeds to stumble to the floor and hold his defeated head in his hands.

Also, a bag sitting on top of a garbage can attracted the attention of bomb-panicked police officers. Alison notes that there are funnel cakes nearby. "I don't give a fuck" I tells her. "Let's go."

Damn you for making me battle the bridge! Broadview station was right thurr. And I couldn't commit suicide either.

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chinwhat said...

personally, i'd like to hear how al v defication turned out...