Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lil Lex at the company party

So the company decides to organize a boat cruise along the T-dot harbour. Free food, free liquor, how does one say no? Well, the fact that you are trapped with your co-workers for 4 hours, with no opportunity to bail out (unless you can swim like a fish and have a waterproof case for you iPod Nano) tends to make you think twice about a boat cruise. What do you talk to your co-workers about other than work? Small talk about sailing, the weather, the Toronto harbourfront, and your coworkers feelings on their workload can only go so far. "Uh, so, how was the party last year? Oh yeah, that's good." [shudder]

I had a great time that night. The food was great, and despite having limits on our alcohol (we were initially given 3 drink tokens), I was able to score enough extra tokens to get my buzz on. After the sun set, they opened the dance floor and the DJ played enough good music to keep me on the floor right until the boat docked at the end of the night. I heart Biggie Smalls "Hypnotize" by the way. and Sean Paul "Temperature" ... I had to look up the lyrics online so that I could sing along.

The next day, everyone came to work fucked up. I saw people log into messenger as late as 10:30. I was really tired, but fortunately, not hungover, thanks to not wasting time with mixed drinks. Straight shots homey, get up on it! My attempts to corrupt non-alcohol drinkers were foiled. Watching me stagger around and talk incoherently probably didn't motivate them much.

Good times, let's do it again soon!

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Molly O'Keefe said...

Oh! Al -- that's the man I know and love. Amazing that you needed more than 3 tokens to get to staggering.