Saturday, July 01, 2006

Great Neighbourhood Race Countdown

Only 2 weeks until Team ID's third running of the United Way Great Neighbourhood race. Like Destiny's Child, half of the roster has been switched. Jon "I'm too lazy and stupid to sign up online" Yu replaces Ruby "I don't want to sweat on my birthday" Heer. And my wife is running for me, cuz my Google game is tighter than hers anyways.

But that's not what this blog is about. Check out this picture right hurr. It's a picture of The Natty's team, Team "Where My Girls At" ... They posted it on the United Way website -- By the way, how come there was no picture of us? What the fuck?

But when they posted the picture, they cut the Natty out! Oh punk! I learned in Yearbook class never to crop someone out of a picture just because they don't fit. Maybe the United Way thought it would make the picture look better if she was out. Pwn3d son!


chinwhat said...

not only that, but they posted a team that came in dead last. LAST. wtf is that?

Rubex Cube said...

John you better do my spot justice buddy! I'm counting on you! hahah I'm such a star eh, I don't want to sweat it out on my birthday hahahah

chinwhat said...

you're such a loser rubes. where you gon be? maybe we'll stop by all sweaty and smelly and embarrass you:

"Uhm Navjit, why do your friends stink?"

Natty said...

OH PUNK!!!! I knew you guys would notice but to actually post that on your blog? How MATURE!

I would like to note that you are under the "other" pictures with everyone else but we are posted twice on the site. I'm in the smaller pic, however. That's fine by me. I was having a bad hair day!

Anyhoodle, we have a new team this year but its still 3 gals and 1 guy. Watch out for a better name! (oh, and to be beaten...the only reason we came in last yesteryear was b/c we lost our passport. We have lanyards this year so it won't happen). So be prepared to be BROUGHTEN!