Monday, July 03, 2006

Gmail owns Hotmail

Fucking Kev, I hate you for saying that Hotmail is "the same shit" as Gmail. It has forced me to write this. Hotmail is not the same as Gmail. Here is why:

1. Disk space: I opened a new hotmail account just to see what's changed since I last used the service. They graciously offered me 30 MB of space, until a certain period of time, when they will increase the limit to 250 MB. Thanks Microsoft! Google gave me 1 GB when I first opened my Gmail account, and started increasing the limit from day 1. Right now, I'm at 2.8 GB. By Gmail's third anniversary, I'll be at 3GB. 3 gigs bitch!

2. AJAX technology: Google is one of the first high-profile companies to exploit a wicked crazy web technology nicknamed AJAX. It allows web applications to be built without requiring page refreshes after every mouse click. Page refreshes make applications slow -- think about when you normally go through your Hotmail account. Go to website ... wait. Click on inbox ... wait. Click on an email ... wait. Click reply ... wait. Type your message and click send ... wait. In Gmail, tons of functions are AJAX'd to make them faster. I can reply to an email without needing to wait for a page refresh. I can type an address into the To: field, and it autocompletes. I can switch back from emails to the inbox without a refresh. It's lightning fast and responsive. Hotmail? Click ... wait.

3. Search, Don't Sort: You probably have a good time organizing your email into folders. Or maybe you don't have your email in folders, you like to go page to page looking for that email written a month ago. In Gmail, Google indexes your emails the same way they index the web. That means I can run searches to find my emails. And since my ass has tight Google game, I can find any email I want in one search. Fucking right!

4. No graphical ads: Hotmail is slow as fuck! I don't know how you can stand it! Gmail has no graphical banner ads to slow down page load (and waste my time).

5. Keyboard shortcuts: Power users love keyboard shortcuts, because they allow you to move faster through an application. Like Ctrl-C for copy, and Ctrl-V for paste. I can switch to the inbox with g-i. Compose an email with c. Reply to an email with r. Hotmail? I couldn't find the send button.

6. Threaded conversations: I bet you like to see TeamID spamming your inbox. Replying to the same gatdamn email. "re: Why Shaun is gay" showing up 20 times. Not for me. My emails are threaded, so all replies show up in one spot. And you get a wicked interface to expand/collapse individual emails within the thread.

In conclusion, fuck hotmail. And fuck you too Kev.


chinwhat said...

this blog is not a lie

Shaun said...

Al -- you are SUCH a AJAX whore...

Fucking Ajax.

"Hi, my name is Al. I love sucking AJAX's cock!"

Rubex Cube said...

gmail rocks! I just used google calender and it is kick ass!

Lil Lex said...

another satisfied customer