Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chronicles of Vegas 2006 Vol 4

After a pretty crazy Saturday night, Everyone slept in and took it easy on Sunday morning. Our suite at the Wynn gave us a wicked crazy view of the strip, as well as the mountains in the backdrop. Oh yeah, and we had two plasmas in our room! Bonus.

First up, ESPN classic had a 2005 World Series of Poker Marathon. There was a Japanese woman who won her buy-in to the tournament as part of a Japanese game show. She was wearing a Kimono, and posing for the camera repeating her new favourite saying (while motioning her two hands from her chest outwards towards the table): "Arr-in, Arr-in."

Next, a show on MTV2 titled "The Final Fu". Ernie Reyes Jr brings together the best Martial artists in the country, and they fight each other! Tae Kwon Do, Shorei Ryu Karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu... And suprisingly, this show was a source of mad hotties. I found myself doubly intrigued, when seeing that these hot girls can also kick ass. TH!

But the cream of the crop was VH1's "The World Series of Pop Culture." A 16-team single elimination tournament to see who has the most useless info on TV, Movies, and music stuck in their brains! Some sample questions:
  • Who was the oldest sibling of the Huxtable family?
  • What was the name of the boat in Jaws?
  • Well known for his role on "Star Trek:The Next Generation", this actor was also the host of Reading Rainbow
  • Since 1975, this has been the price to "Buy a vowel" on Wheel of Fortune
  • Identify the movie by the quote: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
Some of the questions were dead easy. Some of them, I was surprised I could bust them out. And some of them, I was surprised the teams could bust out! Mallory's boyfriend's name? WTF?

Topping things off, Arnold Schwarzenneger in Commando! "Remember when I said I would kill you last? .... I lied"


chinwhat said...

1) shaun knows the answer to the ST:TNG question

2) My guess: Mickey. i remember he kinda had that Mad Max look.

3) commando: wicked!

Shaun said...

1. Geordie Laforge - Mr. Reading Rainbow himself Levar Burton...

2. Malloräys bf was NIck.