Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chronicles of Vegas 2006 Vol 1

For my brother's stag, I had to show him the same hospitality that he showed me for my stag. So there was only one place to go: Las Vegas bitches!

With Vegas comes stories. Some stories remain in Vegas. The rest, I share with you.

In this chapter, we'll learn about my journey. It started a few months earlier, when my brother's friends suggested flying from Buffalo instead of direct from Toronto. There were significant savings to be had.

So I started by booking one ticket. When I reloaded the page, the price jumped. Panicked, I decided to look for another flight. I would fly by myself, and put my brother and his friends on a different flight. After I found a second flight, I booked it, and then the price jumped again. Fuck. Two and half hours later, I finally booked everyone into a flight. Half of us would travel in the afternoon, and the rest in the evening. The significant savings? Not so significant anymore.

Fast forward to the first day of the trip. We make the road trip to Buffalo with little incident. After clearing security, we find our gate and relax. We're 2 hours ahead of schedule. As our boarding time approaches, we get bad news -- our flight is cancelled. What's worse, the only alternate route leaves at 7AM the next day. Fuck!

We had to check into a Buffalo hotel and spend the night. At least we had chicken wings for dinner and got to watch the 40-year-old Virgin commercial-free. My brother was already in Vegas. Fuck!

7AM rolls around, and we fly to Boston. From there, we fly to Vegas. 24+ hours later, our cab drops us off at Imperial Palace. We have a welcome party of 4 there to applaud our arrival. You fucking bitches. I make a B-line to one of the hotel rooms, shower, change, and come back down to the casino in about 15 minutes flat. And then I head straight for the poker tables...


Shaun said...

Oh punk! I fly out of Buffalo on Friday -- this shit best not happen to my ass! I swear...

So... I'd like to say this:

"Uhh uhh.. it's alright.. I'm ok!"

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