Saturday, June 10, 2006


I didn't tell anyone this story, so I could blog about it. So we go Cawthra community center, to play basketball on Friday night. I packed my shoes, shorts, and shirt into my bag. Off we go.

As soon as I get there, I head straight for the change room. It's dark, and I can't find the lights. Go back out, no switches. Oh yeah, I remember, the lights are motion activated. Let me just walk back in ... there we go. Alright, so no big deal here, I get undressed and change into my ball gear.

Now, here's where the story gets interesting. I needed to take a piss. But there weren't any urinals. I should have clued in at that point, but sometime's I'm a little dense. I even walked around, thinking maybe they'd put them in the handicapped people shower or something. Whatever, I'll just take a piss in the toilet.

I get into the stall, and there's this plastic garbage bin beside the toilet. It has a lid. What the fuck is this? It was at this instant that I realized my terrible, terrible mistake. I'm in the women's change room. The bin is for sanitary napkins. Blood rags. Tam-ponns.

What's really funny was that I considered leaving my stuff there. My ass is that lazy. I swear, the men's change room was to the left. Wasn't it?

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chinwhat said...

that's funny. i walked into an empty womens washroom once too. i was going "where're all the urina- oh snap!" then did a 180 turn