Saturday, June 10, 2006


I didn't tell anyone this story, so I could blog about it. So we go Cawthra community center, to play basketball on Friday night. I packed my shoes, shorts, and shirt into my bag. Off we go.

As soon as I get there, I head straight for the change room. It's dark, and I can't find the lights. Go back out, no switches. Oh yeah, I remember, the lights are motion activated. Let me just walk back in ... there we go. Alright, so no big deal here, I get undressed and change into my ball gear.

Now, here's where the story gets interesting. I needed to take a piss. But there weren't any urinals. I should have clued in at that point, but sometime's I'm a little dense. I even walked around, thinking maybe they'd put them in the handicapped people shower or something. Whatever, I'll just take a piss in the toilet.

I get into the stall, and there's this plastic garbage bin beside the toilet. It has a lid. What the fuck is this? It was at this instant that I realized my terrible, terrible mistake. I'm in the women's change room. The bin is for sanitary napkins. Blood rags. Tam-ponns.

What's really funny was that I considered leaving my stuff there. My ass is that lazy. I swear, the men's change room was to the left. Wasn't it?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Bay!

Thank you to everyone that came out for my wife's 28th birthday. This year was fun wasn't it? Especially my crunk-ass wife delivering on her promise to make this event epic. It's always good to be around so many friends, and I know that she was very happy to see you.

Sorry that we didn't say goodbye. Security escorted Cathy out. We had to go.

This morning, she told me she couldn't remember anything about being sick. She didn't remember how she got home. or throwing up in our washroom. Or throwing up in our wastebasket. Or on the floor. You know what that means? No resolution to "never drink again" ... she'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, for all your evening entertainment needs!

Thanks to all the girls that took care of her in the Madison washroom. And anyone that put more money than they were supposed to settle the bill. Which begs the question: who cheaped out?

On a slightly unrelated note, what the hell happened Phoenix?

So next year, we continue a new tradition? Crunk as fuck 2K7 countown: 364 days.
My wife will be ready to spread love and spit venom -- one and the same.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Starcraft Origami

This is disgusting! Can you name them all? Go here for more pics.

My Camera's Broke!

I don't know when it happened, but it happened. My camera don't work no more. It was last working during the 8K race. I took it home that weekend, downloaded the pics, and let it sit until Victoria Day. But now I don't get a picture in the viewfinder. Even if I take pictures, they come up in preview mode as all black.

My wife bought an extended warranty. But it's tucked away somewhere in storage. And I don't believe it's still valid.

Tonight is my wife's birthday party. I need to get this shit fixed! I'm so sad.